Chapter 24.01


24.01.010    Purpose.

24.01.020    Establishment.

24.01.030    Administrative director, health officer appointments.

24.01.040    Powers and duties.

24.01.050    Creation of health board.

24.01.051    Health department advisory board created.

24.01.060    Powers and duties of health board.

24.01.080    Contracts for the sale of health services.

24.01.090    Nonconsensual claims against the health district.

24.01.100    Severability.

24.01.010 Purpose.

This title is enacted as an exercise of the police power for the benefit of the people at large. It is not intended to create a special relationship or private right with any individual or individuals, nor to identify any particular class of persons. The purpose of this title is to provide minimum standards to safeguard public health and welfare by regulating and controlling the activities considered in this title and any related work. It is not the intent of this title to impose liability upon the county for failure to perform any discretionary act. Rather, it is the intent of this title to place the obligation of complying with its requirements upon the owner and actor. Nothing contained in this title shall be construed to relieve from or to lessen the responsibility or liability of any actor or landowner for action taken or failure to take action, nor shall the county of Whatcom or any officer, agent or employee thereof incur or be held as assuming any liability by reason or in consequences of any permission, certificate of inspection, inspection or approval authorized in this title or issued or given as in this title provided or by reasons or consequence of any things done or acts performed pursuant to the provisions of this title. (Ord. 89-24 (part)).

24.01.020 Establishment.

Under authority of the Whatcom County Home Rule Charter Section 2.20(c), RCW Chapter 70.05, and other applicable state statutes, there is created a health department (hereafter referred to as the “department”), an executive department. The department shall commence operation on April 1, 1989; provided, however, that the county executive may take any preliminary or transitional steps necessary for the formation of the department and the implementation of this chapter. (Ord. 89-24 (part)).

24.01.030 Administrative director, health officer appointments.

A. Administrative Director. In accordance with RCW 70.05.040, the county executive may appoint an administrative director separate from the health officer. The administrative director appointed by the county executive shall be subject to confirmation by a majority of the county council. The administrative director shall be appointed for an indefinite period and shall serve at the will of the county executive.

B. Health Officer. In accordance with RCW 70.05.050, the county executive may appoint a local health officer who shall meet the qualifications as prescribed in RCW 70.05.050 through 70.05.055. No term of office shall be established for the health officer, but the health officer shall not be removed from office until after notice is given and an opportunity for a hearing before the county executive as to the reason for the officer’s removal is provided. The health officer appointed by the county executive shall be subject to confirmation by a majority of the county council.

C. The executive is authorized to enter into an interlocal agreement with other counties to provide temporary coverage for the health officer when the health officer is temporarily unavailable either through a vacation or a prolonged illness, without council confirmation. If the unavailability is to last three consecutive months, council confirmation of the appointment shall be required. (Ord. 2001-018 Exh. A; Ord. 95-037).

24.01.040 Powers and duties.

A. Administrative Director. The duties of the administrative director shall be as outlined in RCW 70.05.045, as well as general management, oversight and administration of the health department.

It is the responsibility of the administrative director to hire departmental staff, except for the health officer, in accordance with the personnel policies and procedures of the county and any other applicable laws and regulations.

B. Health Officer. The powers and duties of the health officer shall be as outlined in RCW 70.05.070.

If no administrative director has been appointed, as provided in WCC 24.01.030(A), the health officer, under the direction of the county executive, shall have the powers and duties as outlined in RCW 70.05.070 and the powers and the duties of the administrative director as outlined in WCC 24.01.040(A).

If an administrative director is appointed in accordance with WCC 24.01.030(A), the health officer shall have the powers and duties as outlined in RCW 70.05.070 under the direction of the administrative director. (Ord. 95-037).

24.01.050 Creation of health board.

The Whatcom County council shall constitute the official county health board, in accordance with RCW 70.05.035. Items for health board consideration shall be referred to the county council, unless required by law. (Ord. 2004-004; Ord. 99-025; Ord. 95-055; Ord. 93-024; Ord. 91-040 (part); Ord. 90-10 Exh. A (part); Ord. 89-24 (part)).

24.01.051 Health department advisory board created.

A. The county health department advisory board, referred to in this chapter as the “public health advisory board,” is created and shall serve in an advisory capacity to the board of health in the following areas:

1. Advisory capacity to the board of health;

2. Advisory capacity to the health department director;

3. Recommend public health and program policies;

4. Provide community forums/hearings as assigned by the board of health;

5. Review and make recommendations for annual budget and fees;

6. Establish community task forces as assigned by the board of health;

7. Present annual report to the board of health.

B. The public health advisory board shall consist of nine members who are residents of the county. Eight members shall be appointed by the executive, subject to confirmation by a majority of the county council, and one member shall be appointed by the county council. The term of office for the members appointed by the executive shall be four years; except, that four terms shall remain staggered. The term of office for the member appointed by the county council shall be for one year, from the time of the council’s reorganization meeting in January to the next such meeting the following year. The public health advisory board shall be broadly representative of the demographic character of the county and consist of persons who are representative of consumers and professionals in the various programs under the health department’s jurisdiction, including administration/fiscal, nursing, and environmental health. However, the public health advisory board’s composition shall also be comprised of the following areas of expertise/experience:

1. One member from the board of health;

2. One member from natural sciences;

3. One physician;

4. One member from business/industry;

5. One tribal member or a representative from an ethnic minority;

6. One member from education;

7. Two members from, but not limited to, the areas of administration/fiscal, nursing, or hospital affiliation;

8. One citizen-at-large member.

C. At its initial meeting, or as soon thereafter as practical, the public health advisory board may elect officers, adopt bylaws and such rules and regulations of procedure as are necessary for the conduct of its business. Meetings of the public health advisory board shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 42.30 RCW et seq. (Ord. 2004-004; Ord. 99-025; Ord. 93-024; Ord. 91-040 (part)).

24.01.060 Powers and duties of health board.

The county council in its capacity as health board shall have the following legislative powers, in accordance with RCW 70.05.060, and other legislative duties that may be established by state or county law:

A. Enact such local rules and regulations as are necessary in order to preserve, promote and improve the public health and provide for the enforcement thereof;

B. Establish fee schedules for issuing or renewing licenses or permits for such services as are authorized by the law and the rules and regulations of the State Board of Health or as recommended by the executive; such fees for services shall not exceed the actual cost of providing any such services;

C. Make recommendations to the executive on matters affecting public health.

All issues to be addressed under the powers of the health board shall be processed through the county council under the forms and procedures established for the normal conduct of county business as established by the Charter, ordinance or administrative procedure. All ordinances, resolutions, and other actions taken by the county council relating to issues under the jurisdiction of the health department, or as otherwise specified in this title, are made under the joint authorities of both general county powers and specific health department authorities contained in RCW Title 70. (Ord. 99-025; Ord. 95-055; Ord. 91-040 (part); Ord. 90-57 (part); Ord. 89-24 (part)).

24.01.080 Contracts for the sale of health services.

In accordance with RCW 70.10.150, the department shall cooperate with and enter into contracts or interlocal agreements with the cities in the county to provide those cities health services, which may include enforcing appropriate city ordinances as has been done in the past. The contracts shall be on such terms and under such conditions as the executive shall negotiate and they shall be reviewed by the county council prior to the county council’s adoption of the annual budget. The department may receive moneys from public and private entities to carry out services set forth in this chapter. (Ord. 99-025; Ord. 91-040 (part); Ord. 90-57 (part); Ord. 89-24 (part)).

24.01.090 Nonconsensual claims against the health district.

Nonconsensual claims against the BellinghamWhatcom County health district, health officer or health board claimed to be caused before the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title from such things as, but not limited to, nonfeasance, misfeasance, malfeasance, negligence, interference with contractual relations, breach of contract or lack of due process are not assumed by the county health department. The county may administer such claims as it deems appropriate, and shall charge the cost of administration of the claim and/or the cost of any settlement, award or damages agreed or determined owing as a result of actions of the health district or its agents back against the entities which comprised the health district in accordance with the same formula which would have been used to determine contributions had the district not been dissolved. (Ord. 99-025; Ord. 91-040 (part); Ord. 89-24 (part). Formerly 24.01.100).

24.01.100 Severability.

If any part of this title is deemed illegal, the validity of the remaining portions shall not be affected and the rights and obligations of the parties shall be construed as if the title did not contain the particular illegal part. If it would appear that any provisions of this title are in conflict with any statutory provisions of the state of Washington, such provisions of the title shall be deemed inoperative and void and shall be modified to conform to such statutory provisions. (Ord. 99-025; Ord. 91-040 (part); Ord. 89-24 (part). Formerly 24.01.110).