Article 7 Personnel System

Section 7.10 Purpose.

The County Council shall, by ordinance, establish and maintain a personnel system for the County. (Amended by Ord. 2005-075 Exh. A).

Section 7.20 Exemptions.

The provisions of this article shall apply to all County positions except:

(a) Contract employees.

(b) All volunteer members of boards and commissions appointed by the County Council or County Executive.

(c) All elected County officers, the County Council, and no more than two other persons in each elected officer’s office, who shall be either their first deputy or administrative assistant or confidential secretary, as designated by each officer.

(d) Other employees as may become necessary as determined by the County Council. (Amended by Ord. 2005-075 Exh. A).

Section 7.30 Administration.

The County Executive shall administer the personnel system of the county in accordance with the personnel rules adopted by the County Council by ordinance.