Chapter 10.04


10.04.020    Disposition of traffic fine and forfeiture.

10.04.030    Establishment of thirty-mile-per-hour limit on State Road 2.

10.04.040    Adoption of state traffic statutes infractions.

10.04.070    Adoption of state statutes regulating disposition of traffic infractions.

10.04.020 Disposition of traffic fine and forfeiture.

All fines or forfeitures collected upon conviction or upon the forfeiture of bail of any person charged with a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall be paid into the general fund of the town other than those assessments collected for disbursement to other governmental agencies.  (Ord. 168-B §2, 1985)

10.04.030 Establishment of thirty-mile-per-hour limit on State Road 2.

In the interest of establishing a safe and reasonable limit on the said highways and as a result of a traffic engineering investigation, the town of Wilbur believes it is appropriate to establish thirty-mile-per-hour speed zones from State Road 2, Milepost 221.19 (approximately eight hundred feet west of Portland Avenue) to State Road 2, Milepost 222.32 (one thousand three hundred twenty feet east of Bell Street), and from State Road 21, Milepost 91.35 (south corporate limits) to State Road 2.  Those portions of State Road 2 within the corporate limits and outside of the above limits will be established at sixty miles per hour speed limit and will be used as transition zones.  (Ord. 411 § 1, 2003)

10.04.040 Adoption of state traffic statutes infractions.

The following state traffic statutes are adopted by reference as if set forth in full:

1.  RCW 46.09.040--Use permit prerequisite to operation;

2.  RCW 46.09.070--Application for ORV use permit;

3.  RCW violations;

4.  RCW through (I)--Operating violations;

5.  RCW 46.09.140--Accident reports;

6.  RCW 46.10.020--Ownership, transport, or operation of snowmobile without registration prohibited;

7.  RCW 46.10.060--Registration number permanent--Certificate of registration, date tags;

8.  RCW violations;

9.  RCW 46.10.110--Operating upon public road or highway lawful, when;

10.  RCW 46.10.120--Restrictions on age of operators--Qualifications;

11.  RCW 46.12.140--Certificates of ownership for dealers’ used vehicles--Consignments;

12.  RCW 46.16.010--Licenses and plates required--Penalties


13.  RCW 46.16.010(L) and (O)--Licenses and plates required


14.  RCW 46.16.025--Identification device for exempt farm vehicles--Application for--Contents--Fee;

15.  RCW 46.16.028--"Resident" defined--Vehicle registration required;

16.  RCW 46.16.030--Nonresident exemption--Reciprocity;

17.  RCW 46.16.065--Small trailer license fee--Conditions;

18.  RCW 46.16.070--License fee on trucks, buses, and for-hire vehicles based on gross weight;

19.  RCW 46.16.080--Fixed load machines--Capacity fee in addition to and in lieu--Exception;

20.  RCW 46.16.088--Transfer of license plates--Penalty;

21.  RCW 46.16.090--Gross weight fees on farm vehicles--Penalty;

22.  RCW 46.16.135--Monthly license fee--Penalty;

23.  RCW 46.16.140--Overhauling licensed capacity--Additional license--Penalties--Exceptions;

24.  RCW 46.16.140(1) through (3)--Overloading licensed capacity--Additional license--Penalties--Exceptions;

25.  RCW 46.16.145(1) through (3)--Overloading licensed capacity--Penalties;

26.  RCW 46.16.170--Marking gross weight on vehicle;

27.  RCW 46.16.180--Unlawful to carry passengers for hire without license;

28.  RCW 46.16.240--Attachment of plates to vehicles--Violations enumerated;

29.  RCW of plates to vehicles--Violations enumerated;

30.  RCW 46.16.260--License registration certificate--Signature required--Carried in vehicle--Penalty--Inspection--Exception;

31.  RCW 46.16.381.7--Special parking privileges for disabled persons--Penalties for unauthorized use or parking;

32.  RCW 46.16.505--Campers--License and plates--Application


33.  RCW’s license required--Penalty--Surrender of other license--Local license not required;

34.  RCW 46.20.031--Persons ineligible to be licensed;

35.  RCW 46.20.041--Physically or mentally disabled persons


36.  RCW 46.20.055--Instruction permits and temporary licenses;

37.  RCW 46.20.190--License in immediate possession and displayed on demand;

38.  RCW 46.20.205--Change of address or name--Notification of department;

39.  RCW 46.20.338--Display or possession of canceled, revoked, suspended license or identicard;

40.  RCW 46.20.343--Unlawful to allow unauthorized minor child or ward to drive;

41.  RCW 46.20.344--Unlawful to allow unauthorized person to drive;

42.  RCW 46.20.500--Special endorsement for motorcycle operator’s license;

43.  RCW 46.20.510--Special endorsement for motorcycle operator’s license--Categories--Instruction permits--Fees;

44.  RCW 46.30.020--Liability insurance or other financial responsibility required--Violations--Exceptions;

45.  RCW 46.32.060--Moving a defective vehicle unlawful--Impounding authorized;

46.  RCW 46.37.010--Scope and effect of regulations--General penalty;

47.  RCW 46.37.020--When lighted lamps and signaling devices required;

48.  RCW 46.37.030--Visibility distance and mounted height of lamps;

49.  RCW 46.37.040--Head lamps on motor vehicles;

50.  RCW 46.37.050--Tail lamps;

51.  RCW 46.37.060--Reflectors;

52.  RCW 46.37.070--Stop lamps and turn signals required;

53.  RCW 46.37.090--Additional equipment required on certain vehicles;

54.  RCW 46.37.100--Color of clearance lamps, side marker lamps, back-up lamps, and reflectors;

55.  RCW 46.37.110--Mounting of reflectors, clearance lamps, identification lamps, and side marker lamps;

56.  RCW 46.37.120--Visibility of reflectors, clearance lamps, and side marker lamps;

57.  RCW 46.37.140--Lamps, reflectors, and flags on projecting load;

58.  RCW 46.37.150--Lamps on vehicles--Parked or stopped vehicles, lighting required;

59.  RCW 46.37.160--Hazard warning lights and reflectors on farm equipment--Slow moving vehicle emblem;

60.  RCW 46.37.170--Lamps and reflectors on other vehicles and equipment--Slow-moving vehicle emblem on animal-drawn vehicles;

61.  RCW 46.37.180--Spot lamps and auxiliary lamps;

62.  RCW 46.37.184--Red flashing lights on fire department vehicles;

63.  RCW 46.37.185--Green light on firemen’s private cars;

64.  RCW 46.37.186--Fire department sign or plate on private car;

65.  RCW 46.37.187--Green light, sign or plate--Identification card required;

66.  RCW 46.37.190--Warning devices on buses, emergency vehicles--Driver’s duty to yield and stop;

67.  RCW 46.37.196--Red lights on emergency tow trucks;

68.  RCW 46.37.200--Stop lamps and electric turn signals;

69.  RCW 46.37.210--Additional lighting equipment;

70.  RCW 46.37.215--Hazard warning lamps;

71.  RCW 46.37.220--Multiple-beam road-lighting equipment;

72.  RCW 46.37.230--Use of multiple-beam road-lighting equipment;

73.  RCW 46.37.240--Single-beam road-lighting equipment;

74.  RCW 46.37.260--Alternate road-lighting equipment;

75.  RCW 46.37.270--Number of lamps required--Number of additional lamps permitted;

76.  RCW 46.37.280--Special restrictions on lamps;

77.  RCW 46.37.300--Standards for lights on snow-removal or highway maintenance and service equipment;

78.  RCW 46.37.310--Selling or using lamps or equipment;

79.  RCW 46.37.340--Braking equipment required;

80.  RCW 46.37.351--Performance ability of brakes;

81.  RCW 46.37.360--Maintenance of brakes--Brake system failure indicator;

82.  RCW 46.37.365--Hydraulic brake fluid--Defined--Standards and specifications;

83.  RCW 46.37.369--Wheels and front suspension;

84.  RCW 46.37.375--Steering and suspension systems;

85.  RCW 46.37.380--Horns, warning devices, and theft alarms;

86.  RCW 46.37.390--Mufflers, prevention of noise--Smoke and air contaminants--Standards--Definitions;

87.  RCW 46.37.390(2) and (3)--Mufflers, prevention of noise--Smoke and air contaminants--Standards--Definitions;

88.  RCW 46.37.400--Mirrors;

89.  RCW 46.37.410--Windshields required, exception--Must be unobstructed and equipped with wipers;

90.  RCW 46.37.420--Tires--Restrictions;

91.  RCW 46.37.423--Pneumatic passenger car tires--Standards

--Exception for off-highway use--Penalty;

92.  RCW 46.37.424--Regrooved tires--Standards--Exceptions for off-highway use--Penalty;

93.  RCW 46.37.425--Tires--Unsafe--State patrol’s authority


94.  RCW 46.37.430--Safety glazing materials--Application of sunscreening or coloring material;

95.  RCW 46.37.440--Flares or other warning devices required on certain vehicles;

96.  RCW 46.37.450--Disabled vehicle--Display of warning devices;

97.  RCW 46.37.460--Vehicles transporting explosives;

98.  RCW 46.37.465--Fuel system;

99.  RCW 46.37.467--Vehicle with alternative fuel source--Placard required;

100.  RCW 46.37.470--Air-conditioning equipment;

101.  RCW 46.37.480--Television viewers--Earphones;

102.  RCW 46.37.490--Safety load chains and devices required;

103.  RCW 46.37.500--Fenders or splash aprons;

104.  RCW 46.37.510--Seat belts and shoulder harnesses;

105.  RCW 46.37.513--Bumpers;

106.  RCW 46.37.517--Body and body hardware;

107.  RCW 46.37.522--Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles--When head lamps and tail lamps to be lighted;

108.  RCW 46.37.523--Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles--Head lamps;

109.  RCW 46.37.524--Motor-driven cycles--Head lamps;

110.  RCW 46.37.525--Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles--Tail lamps, reflectors, and stop lamps;

111.  RCW 46.37.527--Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles--Brake requirements;

112.  RCW 46.37.528--Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles--Performance ability of brakes;

113.  RCW 46.37.529--Motor-driven cycles--Braking system inspection;

114.  RCW 46.37.530--Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, or mopeds--Helmets, other equipment--Children--Rules;

115.  RCW 46.37.535--Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, or mopeds--Helmet requirements when rented;

116.  RCW 46.37.537--Motorcycles--Exhaust system;

117.  RCW 46.37.539--Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles--Additional requirements and limitations;

118.  RCW 46.44.010--Outside width limit;

119.  RCW 46.44.020--Maximum height--Impaired clearance signs;

120.  RCW 46.44.030--Maximum lengths;

121.  RCW 46.44.034--Maximum lengths--Front and rear protrusions;

122.  RCW 46.44.036--Combination of units--Limitations;

123.  RCW 46.44.038--Width, height, length, and combinations restrictions--Special permits to exceed authorized;

124.  RCW 46.44.041--Maximum gross weights--Wheelbase and axle factors;

125.  RCW and .3--Maximum gross weights--Wheelbase and axle factors;

126.  RCW 46.44.042--Maximum gross weights--Tire factor;

127.  RCW and .3--Maximum gross weights--Tire factor;

128.  RCW 46.44.047--Excess weight--Logging trucks--Special permits--County or city permits--Fees--Discretion of arresting officer;

129.  RCW weights--Logging trucks--Special permits--County or city permits--Fees--Discretion of arresting officer;

130.  RCW 46.44.050--Minimum length of wheelbase;

131.  RCW 46.44.060--Outside load limits for passenger vehicles;

132.  RCW 46.44.070--Drawbar requirements--Trailer whipping or weaving--Towing flag;

133.  RCW 46.44.080--Local regulations--State highway regulations;

134.  RCW 46.44.090--Special permits for oversize or overweight movements;

135.  RCW 46.44.091--Special permits--Gross weight limit;

136.  RCW 46.44.092--Special permits--Overall width limits, exceptions--Application for permit;

137.  RCW 46.44.093--Special permits--Discretion of issuer--Conditions;

138.  RCW 46.44.095--Annual additional tonnage permits--Fees;

139.  RCW 46.44.100--Enforcement--Weighing and lightening;

140.  RCW through .3--Enforcement procedures--Penalties--Rules;

141.  RCW 46.44.130--Farm implements--Gross weight and size limitation exception--Penalty;

142.  RCW 46.44.140--Farm implement--Special permits--Penalty;

143.  RCW 46.44.160--Monthly or quarterly permits for additional tonnage;

144.  RCW 46.52.030--Accident reports;

145.  RCW 46.52.088--Reports--False information;

146.  RCW 46.52.110--Failure to report recovery of stolen vehicle;

147.  RCW 46.61.022--Failure to obey officer--Penalty;

148.  RCW 46.61.050--Obedience to and required traffic control devices;

149.  RCW 46.61.060--Pedestrian control signals;

150.  RCW 46.61.065--Flashing signals;

151.  RCW 46.61.070--Lane-direction-control signals;

152.  RCW 46.61.075--Display of unauthorized signs, signals, or markings;

153.  RCW 46.61.080--Interference with official traffic control devices or railroad signs or signals;

154.  RCW 46.61.100--Keep right except when passing, etc.;

155.  RCW 46.61.105--Passing vehicles proceeding in opposite directions;

156.  RCW 46.61.110--Overtaking a vehicle on the left;

157.  RCW 46.61.115--When overtaking on the right is permitted;

158.  RCW 46.61.120--Limitations on overtaking on the left;

159.  RCW 46.61.125--Further limitations on driving to left of center of roadway;

160.  RCW 46.61.130--No-passing zones;

161.  RCW 46.61.140--Driving on roadways lined for traffic;

162.  RCW 46.61.145--Following too closely;

163.  RCW 46.61.160--Restrictions on use of limited access highway--Use by bicyclists;

164.  RCW 46.61.180--Vehicle approaching intersection;

165.  RCW 46.61.185--Vehicle turning left;

166.  RCW 46.61.190--Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection;

167.  RCW 46.61.195--Arterial highways designated--Stopping on entering;

168.  RCW 46.61.200--Stop intersections other than arterial may be designated;

169.  RCW 46.61.202--Stopping when traffic obstructed;

170.  RCW 46.61.205--Vehicle entering highway from private road or driveway;

171.  RCW 46.61.210--Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles;

172.  RCW 46.61.215--Highway construction and maintenance;

173.  RCW 46.61.230--Pedestrians subject to traffic regulations;

174.  RCW 46.61.235--Stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks;

175.  RCW for pedestrians in crosswalks;

176.  RCW 46.61.240--Crossing at other than crosswalks;

177.  RCW 46.61.245--Drivers to exercise care;

178.  RCW 46.61.255--Pedestrians soliciting rides or business;

179.  RCW 46.61.260--Driving through safety zone prohibited;

180.  RCW 46.61.261--Pedestrians’ right-of-way on sidewalk;

181.  RCW 46.61.264--Pedestrians yield to emergency vehicles;

182.  RCW 46.61.269--Passing beyond bridge or grade crossing barrier prohibited;

183.  RCW 46.61.290--Required position and method of turning at intersections;

184.  RCW 46.61.295--“U” turns;

185.  RCW 46.61.300--Starting parked vehicle;

186.  RCW 46.61.305--Turning, stopping, moving right or left

--Signals required--Improper use prohibited;

187.  RCW 46.61.310--Signals by hand and arm or signal lamps;

188.  RCW 46.61.315--Method of giving hand and arm signals;

189.  RCW 46.61.340--Obedience to signal indicating approach of train;

190.  RCW 46.61.345--All vehicles must stop at certain railroad grade crossings;

191.  RCW 46.61.350--Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad grade crossings--Exceptions;

192.  RCW 46.61.355--Moving heavy equipment at railroad grade crossing;

193.  RCW 46.61.365--Emerging from alley, driveway, or building;

194.  RCW 46.61.370--Overtaking or meeting school bus--Duties of bus driver;

195.  RCW 46.61.375--Overtaking or meeting private carrier bus--Duties of bus driver;

196.  RCW 46.61.380--Rules for design, marking, and mode of operating school buses;

197.  RCW 46.61.385--School patrol--Appointment--Authority--Finance--Insurance;

198.  RCW 46.61.400--Basic rule and maximum limits;

199.  RCW 46.61.400.1U through .66U--Basic rule and maximum limits;

200.  RCW 46.61.425--Minimum speed regulations--Passing slow-moving vehicle;

201.  RCW 46.61.427--Slow-moving vehicle to pull off roadway;

202.  RCW 46.61.440--Maximum speed limit when passing school or playground crosswalks;

203.  RCW 46.61.450--Maximum speed, weight, or size in traversing bridges, elevated structures, tunnels, underpasses--Posting limits;

204.  RCW 46.61.455--Vehicles with solid or hollow cushion tires;

205.  RCW 46.61.460--Special speed limitation on motor-driven cycle;

206.  RCW 46.61.519--Alcoholic beverages--Drinking or open container in vehicle on highway--Exceptions;

207.  RCW 46.61.519.5--Disguising alcoholic beverage container;

208.  RCW 46.61.590--Unattended motor vehicle--Removal from highway;

209.  RCW 46.61.600--Unattended motor vehicle;

210.  RCW 46.61.600.1 and .2--Unattended motor vehicle;

211.  RCW 46.61.605--Limitations on backing;

212.  RCW 46.61.605.1--Limitations on backing;

213.  RCW 46.61.606--Driving on sidewalk prohibited--Exception;

214.  RCW 46.61.608--Operating motorcycles on roadways laned for traffic;

215.  RCW 46.61.610--Riding on motorcycles;

216.  RCW 46.61.611--Motorcycles--Maximum height for handlebars;

217.  RCW 46.61.612--Riding on motorcycles--Both feet not to be on same side;

218.  RCW 46.61.614--Riding on motorcycles--Clinging to other vehicles;

219.  RCW 46.61.615--Obstructions to driver’s view or driving mechanism;

220.  RCW 46.61.620--Opening and closing vehicle doors;

221.  RCW 46.61.625--Riding in trailers;

222.  RCW 46.61.630--Coasting prohibited;

223.  RCW 46.61.635--Following fire apparatus prohibited;

224.  RCW 46.61.640--Crossing fire hose;

225.  RCW 46.61.645--Throwing dangerous materials on highway prohibited--Removal;

226.  RCW 46.61.655--Dropping load, other materials--Covering;

227.  RCW 46.61.655.3 and .4--Dropping load, other materials


228.  RCW 46.61.660--Carrying persons or animals on outside part of vehicle;

229.  RCW 46.61.670--Driving with wheels off roadway;

230.  RCW 46.61.675--Causing or permitting vehicle to be unlawfully operated;

231.  RCW 46.61.680--Lowering passenger motor vehicle below legal clearance--Penalty;

232.  RCW 46.61.687--Child passenger restraint required--Conditions--Penalty for violation--Dismissal--Noncompliance not negligence;

233.  RCW 46.61.688--Safety belts, use required--Penalties--Exemptions;

234.  RCW 46.61.700--Parent or guardian shall not authorize or permit violation by a child or ward;

235.  RCW 46.61.710--Mopeds--General requirements and operation;

236.  RCW 46.61.730--Wheelchair conveyances;

237.  RCW 46.61.755--Traffic laws apply to persons riding bicycles;

238.  RCW 46.61.758--Hand signals;

239.  RCW 46.61.760--Riding on bicycles;

240.  RCW 46.61.765--Clinging to vehicles;

241.  RCW 46.61.770--Riding on roadways and bicycle paths;

242.  RCW 46.61.775--Carrying articles;

243.  RCW 46.61.780--Lamps and other equipment on bicycles;

244.  RCW 46.73.010--Standards for qualifications and hours of service;

245.  RCW 46.76.010--License required--Exceptions--“Driveaway,” “towaway,” method defined;

246.  RCW 46.90.412--Crossing new pavement and markings;

247.  RCW 46.90.418--Prohibited crossing;

248.  RCW 46.90.460--Right-of-way for parking;

249.  RCW 46.90.466--Funeral processions;

250.  RCW 46.90.469--When permits required for parades and processions;

251.  RCW 46.90.472--Interfering with processions;

252.  RCW 46.90.475--Boarding or alighting from vehicles;

253.  RCW 46.90.478--Unlawful riding;

254.  RCW 46.90.500--Bicycle license required;

255.  RCW 46.90.555--Bicycles--Riding on sidewalks.  (Ord. 283 §1, 1994)

10.04.070 Adoption of state statutes regulating disposition of traffic infractions.

The following state statutes regulating the dispositions are adopted by reference as if set forth in full:

1.  RCW 46.63.030--Notice of traffic infraction--Issuance;

2.  RCW 46.63.060--Notice of traffic infraction--Determination final unless contested--Form (Effective July 1, 1984);

3.  RCW 46.63.070--Response to notice of traffic infraction

--Contested determination--Hearing--Failure to respond or appear (Effective July 1, 1984);

4.  RCW 46.63.080--Hearings--Rules of procedure--Counsel;

5.  RCW 46.63.090--Hearings--Contesting determination that infraction committed--Appeal;

6.  RCW 46.63.100--Hearings--Explanation of mitigating circumstances;

7.  RCW 46.63.110--Monetary penalties;

8.  RCW 46.63.151--Costs and attorney fees;

9.  RCW 46.63.140--Presumption regarding stopped, standing or parked vehicles.  (Ord. 283 §3, 1994)