Chapter 13.24


13.24.010  Designation.

13.24.020  Construction of sump pump and drain system.

13.24.030  Connection to sump pump and drain system.

13.24.040  Storm drain service fee.

13.24.050  Property owner responsibility.

13.24.060  Construction--Specifications and requirements.

13.24.070  Permit--Application--Fee.

13.24.080  Enforcement--Penalties.

13.24.010 Designation.

The town council shall designate areas where groundwater drainage has historically been substantial and such areas where property owners have no practical alternatives other than the installation of sump pumps in order to pump and provide drainage pipes connected thereto in order to lawfully discharge groundwater.  Any area so designated shall be considered and shall be designated a critical groundwater discharge area.  The designation of a critical groundwater discharge area shall be in the absolute discretion of the town council and the town shall not be required to designate other areas by request of property owners or otherwise because of the cost of handling groundwater as provided in this chapter.  (Ord. 314 §1, 1997)

13.24.020 Construction of sump pump and drain system.

In those areas designated as a critical groundwater discharge area, the town council shall authorize the construction and installation of sump pumps and a drain system which will result in the lawful discharge of groundwater outside of the sanitary sewer system.  (Ord. 314 §2, 1997)

13.24.030 Connection to sump pump and drain system.

All property owners owning property in a critical groundwater discharge area who have experienced groundwater problems in the past (i.e., have used sump pumps in order to keep their structures dry) shall be encouraged to connect all sump pumps which pump groundwater and any other sources of groundwater to the sump pump and drain system constructed by the town by connecting side groundwater sewer lines to the groundwater sewer mains.  All costs of side groundwater sewer lines located on or within the property owner's real property borders shall be paid for by the property owner if the landowner provides lines during the initial construction of the sump pump and drain system.  Any property owner who does not provide lines during the initial construction of the sump pump and drain system who later desires or is required to connect to such system shall be required to pay all costs of side sewer lines from the property to the town sewer main rather than only paying the costs of side sewer lines in the area of the property owner's real property.  (Ord. 314 §3, 1997)

13.24.040 Storm drain service fee.

All property owners using the groundwater discharge shall pay a storm drain service fee in addition to any other fees otherwise due and payable to the town.  The initial storm drain service fee shall be twenty dollars per year and shall be payable January 1st. Other than such storm drain service fee, there shall be no other hookup fee charged to the property owner.  (Ord. 314 §4, 1997)

13.24.050 Property owner responsibility.

The property owner shall be responsible for all costs to and shall maintain the groundwater side sewer line in good condition, once constructed, from the property owner's property to the groundwater sewer main.  (Ord. 314 §2, 1997)

13.24.060 Construction--Specifications and requirements.

The property owner when hooking up to the sump pump and drain system shall install and provide a backflow prevention valve as specified by the administrator of the sump pump and drainage system who shall be designated as such by the mayor.  All other construction and specification requirements for design and equipment used shall be as specified by such administrator and must be approved by either the building inspector or the administrator prior to being connected to such system.  The administrator shall set standards for such construction including specifications for the type of materials to be used.  Standards issued under this section shall be filed with the town clerk and copies given to the mayor and all council members and shall be effective five days after the next council meeting unless abrogated by the town council at an open public meeting.  (Ord. 314 §6(part), 1997)

13.24.070 Permit--Application--Fee.

Prior to hooking up to the sump pump system the property owner shall obtain a permit from the town clerk by filing an application with the clerk on which application the property owner shall fully disclose the proposed side sewer in such detail as to establish that the proposal meets the above standards. Outside of the initial twenty-dollar per year fee, the property owner shall not be required to pay any further application fees if the landowner applies during the initial building phase of the sump pump system.  Any property owners who file an application to hook up to the sump pump sewer system following completion of initial construction and initial hookups to the system will pay an application fee of $_____.  (Ord. 314 §6(part), 1997)

13.24.080 Enforcement--Penalties.

A.  No property or structure may be hooked up to the sump pump drainage system established by this chapter without complying with the provisions of this chapter and the administrator's specifications as provided herein.

B.  Violation of this chapter shall constitute a civil infraction punishable by a fine as set forth in Section 1.08.030.  Every day of continued violation shall be punishable as a separate offense.

C.  Any property owner in a critical groundwater discharge area who has not complied with the provisions of this chapter and who has unlawfully disposed of groundwater shall be guilty of a public nuisance which may be abated, after notice, by the town installing all necessary pipes and hooking up to such system.  All costs of abatement reasonably experienced by the town in abating such public nuisance shall constitute a lien on the property and shall be recorded and foreclosed as provided in Chapter 8.10, Land Use Nuisances.  (Ord. 376 §24, 2001:  Ord. 367 §31, 2001:  Ord. 314 §7, 1997)