Chapter 15.32


15.32.010  Permit conditions.

15.32.020  Portable signs.

15.32.010 Permit conditions.

All building permits issued for the construction or erection of signs shall be conditioned as follows:

A.  Signs at or near street intersections shall not obscure visibility or traffic.

B.  Signs shall be placed so as not to unreasonably interfere with movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

C.  The location of all signs shall be subject to approval by the building inspector.

D.  Permit numbers shall be painted on the sign at the lowest corner next to the road in figures not less than one inch high.  (Ord. 113-B §8.01, 1981)

15.32.020 Portable signs.

Trailer signs and/or portable readerboards shall comply with all provisions of this division.  (Ord. 113-B §8.02, 1981)