Chapter 15.40


15.40.010    Fee schedule.

15.40.020    Exception for commercial/industrial.

15.40.010 Fee schedule.

The fee schedule shall be set by the town council by resolution.  (Ord. 518 §2, 2011:  Ord. 303 §3, 1996;  Ord. 299 §3, 1995;  Ord. 113-B Appendix A, 1981)

15.40.020 Exception for commercial/industrial.

The fee schedule shall be kept at the 1997 Uniform Building Code fees with the exception of the following for commercial/industrial buildings:

A.  Recover costs on any commercial/industrial project over one hundred thousand dollars to cover the cost of the inspections and plan checks.

B.  The costs shall not exceed the most recently adopted edition of the International Building Code fees.  (Ord. 518 §3, 2011:  Ord. 452 §20, 2006:  Ord. 147-B §2, 1984)