Chapter 16.04


16.04.010  Purpose.

16.04.020  Enactment.

16.04.030  Short title.

16.04.040  Applicability.

16.04.010 Purpose.

The intent of this title is to control the development of manufactured (mobile) home parks and recreational vehicle parks within the corporate limits of the town in order to guide the community's growth in a logical and orderly manner as prescribed by the comprehensive plan.  The purpose of this title is to ensure a satisfactory environment for owners of manufactured (mobile) homes located within manufactured (mobile) home parks and for owners of recreational vehicles located within recreational vehicle parks; to promote the public health, safety and general welfare in accordance with standards established by the community; to provide for the expeditious review and approval of proposed parks which conform to the zoning standards and local plans and policies; and to help provide for the housing and commercial need of the citizens.  (Ord. 135-B §1.1, 1982)

16.04.020 Enactment.

The city council of the town does ordain as follows:

This title, establishing manufactured (mobile) home parks and recreational vehicle parks regulations for the town, in accordance with the provisions of RCW Chapter 58.17, Laws of the State of Washington, is pursuant to the recommendations of the Wilbur planning commission.  As such the regulations set forth in this title shall apply to all lands within the existing and future corporate boundaries of the town.  (Ord. 135-B §1.2, 1982)

16.04.030 Short title.

This title shall be known and cited as the “Wilbur manufactured home park and recreational vehicle park ordinance.”  (Ord. 135-B §1.3, 1982)

16.04.040 Applicability.

A.  This title shall apply to the development of land within the corporate limits of the town, provided that the following conditions are met:

1.  A binding site plan shall be submitted for approval of the town council; and

2.  Land ownership shall remain under one owner; and

3.  Sites so developed shall be only for lease, for the purpose of placing or installing a manufactured (mobile) home or a recreational vehicle; and

4.  Development shall meet the guidelines of RCW 58.17.040(5), Laws of the State of Washington.

B.  All other divisions of land within the corporate limits shall meet the regulations of the town's subdivision ordinance.

C.  Manufactured (mobile) home parks may be permitted in the following zone classifications:

1.  R-5000, residential (conditional use);

2.  R-7500, residential (conditional use).

D.  Recreational vehicle parks may be permitted in the following zone classifications providing there is easy access to an arterial street:

1.  C-2, community business (conditional use);

2.  C-3, general commercial (conditional use).  (Ord. 135-B §3.1, 1982)