Chapter 16.20


16.20.010  Variances.

16.20.020  Environmental impact statements.

16.20.030  Scope of terms.

16.20.040  Review of title provisions.

16.20.050  Fees.

16.20.060  Interpretation and application.

16.20.070  Public notification of hearing.

16.20.080  Violation--Penalty.

16.20.090  Installation.

16.20.010 Variances.

The procedures and criteria relating to variances in the town zoning ordinance, and any future revisions, are adopted for variances from the requirements of this title.  Any developer may make application for a variance, provided the request is received concurrently with the application for the proposed binding site plan.  (Ord. 135-B §6.1, 1982)

16.20.020 Environmental impact statements.

In the event an environmental impact statement is required on a proposed binding site plan, then any pending time period requirements of this title shall be stayed until such time as an environmental impact statement has been completed and filed with the town clerk.  (Ord. 135-B §6.2, 1982)

16.20.030 Scope of terms.

The word “may” as used herein is permissive as indicating a use of discretion in making a decision; the word “shall” as used herein is mandatory.  (Ord. 135-B §6.3, 1982)

16.20.040 Review of title provisions.

It shall be the responsibility of the planning commission to review and update this title every five years, however, changes and/or additions shall be made whenever it is deemed necessary.  (Ord. 135-B §6.4, 1982)

16.20.050 Fees.

Fees shall be established by action of the town council and shall be posted at the town clerk's office (see Section 15.40.010).  A fee for action under this title shall be paid by the applicant at the time of application.  Applicant shall also be responsible for payment of all direct costs of hearing notifications incurred by the town as a result of his/her application.  (Ord. 303 §4(A), 1996;  Ord. 135-B §6.7, 1982)

16.20.060 Interpretation and application.

In their interpretations and application, the provisions of this title shall be held to minimum requirements adopted for the public health, safety or general welfare.  Whenever the requirements of this title differ with requirements of any other lawfully adopted rules, regulations or ordinances, the most restrictive or those imposing the highest standards shall govern.  (Ord. 135-B §6.8, 1982)

16.20.070 Public notification of hearing.

When the planning commission is required to hold a public hearing by this title, public notification shall be made as follows:

A.  Two notices of the public hearing shall be posted within one hundred feet of the property at least seven days prior to the hearing;

B.  Notice of the public hearing shall be made by one publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the town, not less than five days nor more than ten days prior to the hearing;

C.  Failure of a person to receive the notice prescribed in this section shall not impair the validity of the hearing.  (Ord. 135-B §6.9, 1982)

16.20.080 Violation--Penalty.

A.  Violators of this title will be guilty of a misdemeanor, and each parcel illegally sold or transferred shall constitute a separate offense.

B.  The town may pursue injunctive relief against violations and tax the costs of such action against the violator, together with a fine of not more than three hundred dollars and/or imprisonment of not more than thirty days.  Each day such violation continues shall be considered a separate offense.

C.  The county auditor shall refuse to accept for filing any segregation of land in violation of this title.  (Ord. 135-B §6.5, 1982)

16.20.090 Installation.

All installation of any mobile home which is manufactured after June 15, 1976 shall be done in conformity with state statutes including the requirement that a licensed installer be involved in all nonowner installations.  In such cases the licensed installer shall obtain the permit required of the town of Wilbur and shall provide a current state installer's license number when applying for a permit to install a mobile home in or outside of a mobile home park.  (Ord. 303 §4(B), 1996)