Chapter 17.04


17.04.010  Purpose.

17.04.020  Enactment.

17.04.030  Short title.

17.04.040  Applicability--Exemptions.

17.04.050  Sale of contiguous parcels.

17.04.010 Purpose.

The intent of this title is to control the subdivision of land within the corporate limits of the town in order to guide the community's growth in a logical and orderly manner as prescribed by the comprehensive plan for Wilbur.  The purpose of this title is to regulate the subdivision of land and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare in accordance with standards established by the town to prevent the overcrowding of land; to lessen congestion in the streets and highways; to promote effective use of land; to promote safe and convenient travel by the public on the streets; to provide for adequate light and air; to facilitate adequate provision for water, sewerage, parks and recreation areas; sites for schools and school grounds and other public requirements; to provide for proper ingress and egress; to provide for the expeditious review and approval of proposed subdivisions which conform to zoning standards and local plans and policies; to adequately provide for the housing and commercial need of the citizens of the town; and to require uniform monumenting of land subdivisions and conveyancing by accurate legal description.  (Ord. 134-B §1.01, 1982)

17.04.020 Enactment.

The town council of the town of Wilbur does ordain as follows:

This title, establishing short subdivision and subdivision regulations for the town, in accordance with the provisions of RCW Chapter 58.17, Laws of the State of Washington, is pursuant to the recommendation of the Wilbur planning commission.  As such, the regulations set forth in this title shall apply to all land within the existing and future corporate limits of the town.  (Ord. 134-B §1.02, 1982)

17.04.030 Short title.

This title shall be known and cited as the “Wilbur subdivision ordinance.”  (Ord. 134-B §1.03, 1982)

17.04.040 Applicability--Exemptions.

This title shall apply to all divisions of land within the corporate limits of the town as defined herein except that the following shall be exempt:

A.  Cemetery and other burial plots while used for that purpose;

B.  Subdivisions made by testamentary provisions or the laws of descent;

C.  Assessors' plats pursuant to state law;

D.  Boundary line adjustments where access is not affected, no new building lot is created, and no lot is reduced so as to be substandard in size.  Boundary line adjustments shall not be used to change the general design of lots in an approved short plat, preliminary plat or final plat.  (Ord. 134-B §3.101, 1982)

17.04.050 Sale of contiguous parcels.

Contiguous parcels of land in the same ownership, if previously platted or under separate deed from one another, may be sold separately without constituting a subdivision, providing each lot sold separately meets the dimensional requirements of the zoning regulations.  Where such contiguous parcels in the same ownership are further subdivided or divided differently, the entire ownership shall be included in the short subdivision or subdivision.  (Ord. 134-B §3.102, 1982)