Chapter 18.24


18.24.010  Purpose.

18.24.020  Permitted uses.

18.24.030  Conditional uses.

18.24.040  Special use provisions.

18.24.050  Area and dimensional requirements.

18.24.060  Height.

18.24.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this zone and its application is to provide for the location of and grouping of enterprises which may involve some on-premises retail service but with the outside activities and display or fabrication, assembling and service features, including manufacturing and processing.  (Ord. 108-B §7.01, 1980)

18.24.020 Permitted uses.

The following uses only are permitted, and as specifically provided and allowed in this chapter:

A.  Any principal use permitted in the C classification except:

1.  Dwelling units not in existence at the time of adoption of the ordinance codified in this title including apartments, motels, hotels and trailer parks,

2.  Churches,

3.  Private clubs, fraternal societies and lodges, except those the chief activity of which is a service customarily carried on as a business;

B.  Assembly of appliances, such as electronic instruments and devices, such as radios, phonographs, television sets and calculators including manufacture of small parts;

C.  Contractor's offices, shops and storage yards;

D.  Freight warehouse terminals;

E.  Blacksmith, welding and metal fabricating shops;

F.  Agricultural processing, packing, storage, fertilizer plants or distribution operations;

G.  Unclassified uses:  as provided in Chapter 18.28;

H.  Cabinet shop or carpenter shop;

I.  Fix-it shops;

J.  Furniture manufacturing and repair;

K.  Garages, public;

L.  Laboratories;

M.  Accessory building and uses customarily incident to any of the above uses when located on the same site with the main building;

N.  Portable structures as defined in Section 18.08.010 (93)(A) of this title which do not exceed one hundred sixty square feet;

O.  Temporary structures as defined in Section 18.08.010 (93)(B) of this title;

P.  Cargo containers as defined in Section 18.08.010(15)(A) of this title.  (Ord. 330 §5, 1998;  Ord. 329 §9, 1998;  Ord. 108-B §7.02, 1980)

18.24.030 Conditional uses.

The following uses shall require a conditional use permit from the planning commission:

A.  Private clubs where the principal activity is carried on in the manner of a business activity;

B.  Any use not specifically included as a permitted use;

C.  Portable structure(s) as defined in Section 18.08.010 (93)(A) of this title which exceed(s) one hundred sixty square feet.  (Ord. 329 §10, 1998;  Ord. 108-B §7.03, 1980)

18.24.040 Special use provisions.

Every permitted use shall be subject to the following conditions and limitations:

A.  All uses shall conform to the general provisions and exceptions and the off-street parking requirements and loading area requirements set forth in this title.

B.  In the case of automobile service stations, the leading edge of the base of the pump islands shall not be closer than fifteen feet to any street property line.

C.  All operations conducted on the premises shall not be objectionable beyond the property boundary lines by reason of noise, odor, fumes, gases, smoke, steam, vibration, hazard, or other causes.

D.  If a building site has a boundary line which is a common property line with an R or M-H zoned property then on such common line a wall or view-obscuring fence or hedge not less than five feet or more than eight feet in height shall be erected and maintained for screening purposes and for controlling access.  Where the wall of a building is on common line, no separate wall or fence need be installed along that portion occupied by the building.  (Ord. 108-B §7.04, 1980)

18.24.050 Area and dimensional requirements.

The following dimensional standards shall be required for all uses in the A zone:

A.  Lot area:  no more than fifty percent of any industrial site area shall be occupied by structures;

B.  Lot width:  no minimum;

C.  Front yard:  no minimum;

D.  Side yards:  no minimum;

E.  Rear yards:  five feet;

F.  Additional open spaces, both as to the amount and location on the premises may be required to apply the established standards and other related codes pertaining to such subjects as off-street parking, loading areas, convenient and safe circulations of vehicles and pedestrians, ingress and egress as related to the marginal traffic pattern, visual clearance (traffic), drainage, and lighting.  (Ord. 108-B §7.05, 1980)

18.24.060 Height.

Structures in excess of thirty feet will require a conditional use permit from the planning commission.  (Ord. 108-B §7.06, 1980)