Chapter 13.08


13.08.010    Authority to install, read, test and maintain water meters.

13.08.020    Care of water meters.

13.08.030    Town ownership of water meters.

13.08.040    Charge for water meter installation.

13.08.050    Water shut off by town.

13.08.060    Right to restrict use.

13.08.070    Regulations and water rates.

13.08.010 Authority to install, read, test and maintain water meters.

The town or its duly authorized agents or employees shall have the right to install water meters on the premises of all water service customers inside and outside the town and shall at all reasonable times have the right to enter or leave the customer’s premises for the purposes of installing, reading, repairing, testing, maintaining or reinstalling the meter and its related appurtenances. Proper meter installation is required prior to connection of any water service to the town water system. (Ord. 394 § 1, 1992)

13.08.020 Care of water meters.

Water service customers shall take every reasonable action necessary to keep access to the water meter on their premises unobstructed and to protect the meter from damage by frost or other cause. The town shall not be liable for damages caused by frozen pipes. When necessary, frozen, damaged or destroyed water meters shall be repaired or replaced by the town and if it is determined by the town council that the damage was caused by the negligence of the customer, the cost thereof shall be paid by the customer. In the event of nonpayment by the customer, the water service shall be shut off by the town until the costs have been paid in full. (Ord. 394 § 2, 1992)

13.08.030 Town ownership of water meters.

All water meters shall be and remain the property of the town. (Ord. 394 § 3, 1992)

13.08.040 Charge for water meter installation.

All water meters shall be installed at the cost and expense of the customer, unless grant or other public funds are available to pay such costs and expenses. (Ord. 394 § 4, 1992)

13.08.050 Water shut off by town.

If any water service customer interferes with or obstructs the installation, reading, testing or maintenance of the water meter on such customer’s premises, the town, or its authorized agents or employees, shall shut off the water supply to such customer’s premises until such interference or obstruction is remedied or until the town is reimbursed for the full amount of any costs and expenses related thereto. (Ord. 394 § 5, 1992)

13.08.060 Right to restrict use.

The town reserves the right, in case of water shortage or for other appropriate reasons, to restrict the use of water for irrigation, sprinkling or other purposes. (Ord. 394 § 6, 1992)

13.08.070 Regulations and water rates.

The town council shall establish additional regulations governing the use of and rates to be paid for town water on the basis of meter reading. (Ord. 394 § 7, 1992)