Chapter 2.37


2.37.010    General.

2.37.020    Organization.

2.37.030    Meetings.

2.37.040    Effect/waiver of rules.

2.37.010 General.

The official rules of procedure for the Woodinville City Council shall be established by State statute, City Council ordinance, or City Council resolution. In the event of any disagreement between Councilmembers arising from a point of order not expressly covered by statute, ordinance, or resolution, the Council may consult Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised) as a guide to help it resolve the contested matter. (Ord. 445 § 1, 2007)

2.37.020 Organization.

(1) Swearing in of New Councilmembers. New Councilmembers shall be sworn in by the City Clerk or other authorized official either:

(a) Up to 10 days prior to the day they are scheduled to assume their office; or

(b) At the first meeting of the Council in January.

(2) Declaration of Interest. Council will informally discuss the interests of each member in serving as Mayor or Deputy Mayor at the first meeting after the general election has been certified. Councilmembers and newly elected Councilmembers who would not be attending that meeting may submit their intent in writing.

(3) Election of Officers. The Council shall elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor for a term of two years and organize itself at the first Council meeting during even-numbered years. The term of Mayor and Deputy Mayor shall run from the first meeting of the Council held in January to the first meeting of the Council held in January two years later. In the temporary absence of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor shall perform the duties and responsibilities of the Mayor with regard to conduct of meetings and emergency business. In the event the Mayor is unable to serve the remainder of the term, a new Mayor shall be elected at the next regular meeting. In the event the Deputy Mayor is unable to serve the remainder of the term, a new Deputy Mayor shall be elected at the next regular meeting. (Ord. 445 § 1, 2007)

2.37.030 Meetings.

All Council meetings shall comply with the requirements of the Open Public Meetings Act (Chapter 42.30 RCW). All regular meetings and special meetings of the Council shall be open to the public.

(1) Regular Meetings. The Council shall hold regular meetings on the first three Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. Should any meeting fall on a legal holiday, the meeting shall be held at the same hour and place on the next working day.

(2) Special Meetings. Special meetings may be held by the Council subject to notice requirements prescribed by State law. Special meetings may be called by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor or temporary Presiding Officer by written notice delivered to each member of the Council at least 24 hours before the time specified for the proposed meeting. Special meetings shall also be called by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor or temporary Presiding Officer upon the written request of any three members of the Council. The notice of such special meetings shall state the subjects to be considered, and no subjects other than those specified in the notice shall be considered. For purposes of the noticing of special meetings, e-mail shall be considered a written notice.

(3) Executive Sessions. The Council may hold executive sessions from which the public may be excluded, for those purposes set forth in RCW 42.30.110. Before convening an executive session, the Presiding Officer shall announce the purpose of the session and the anticipated time when the session will be concluded and indicate whether or not Council action will be taken after the executive session. Should the session require more time, a public announcement shall be made that the session is being extended.

(4) Meeting Place. Regular meetings will be at the Council Chambers, 17301 133rd Avenue NE, Woodinville, Washington 98072, unless public notice is given of another location. Meetings may be held at other locations when appropriate notice has been given and posted.

(5) Public Notice. The City shall comply with the provisions of RCW 35A.12.160. (Ord. 445 § 1, 2007)

2.37.040 Effect/waiver of rules.

These rules of procedure set forth herein and/or by other ordinance or resolution are adopted for the sole benefit of the members of the City Council to assist in the orderly conduct of Council business. These rules of procedure do not grant rights or privileges to members of the public or third parties. Failure of the City Council to adhere to these rules shall not result in any liability to the City, its officers, agents, and employees, nor shall failure to adhere to these rules result in invalidation of any Council act. The City Council may implicitly or by a majority vote determine to temporarily waive any of the provisions herein. Council action taken in disregard or nonconformity with these rules shall be construed as an implicit waiver thereof. (Ord. 445 § 1, 2007)