Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Declaration of intent and finding.

2.45.020    Request for concurrence.

2.45.030    Transmittal of ordinance.

2.45.010 Declaration of intent and finding.

The City of Woodinville hereby initiates the process of potential annexation of the City to the King County Rural Library District by stating its intent to join the Library District. After consideration of the options for providing continued library service to the City’s residents, the City Council finds that the public interest will best be served by annexation to said District, effective immediately upon the effective date of incorporation of the City. (Ord. 2 § 1, 1992)

2.45.020 Request for concurrence.

The City Council hereby requests the Board of Trustees of the King County Rural Library District to concur in the proposed annexation of the City by the District. The City Manager is directed to provide the District any and all such documents as may be required and to take such action as may be required to facilitate and effect the annexation. (Ord. 2 § 2, 1992)

2.45.030 Transmittal of ordinance.

The City Clerk is directed to transmit certified copies of Ordinance 2 to the State Librarian pursuant to RCW 27.12.360 and to the King County Rural Library District Board of Trustees and if the Board of Trustees concurs in the annexation to take the further steps outlined in Chapter 27.12 RCW to place this question before the voters at a special election. (Ord. 2 § 3, 1992)