Chapter 3.03


3.03.010    Payment of claims or obligations of the City.

3.03.020    Issuance of checks before approval by City Council.

3.03.030    Council review.

3.03.010 Payment of claims or obligations of the City.

Pursuant to RCW 35A.40.020, payment of claims or obligations of the City shall be by check. The City officers authorized to sign checks shall be the City Manager, the Finance Director (“the Auditing Officer”) and an employee designated by the City Manager. Two signatures will be required on all checks. (Ord. 604 § 1, 2015; Ord. 433 §§ 2, 3, 2006; Ord. 7 § 1, 1993)

3.03.020 Issuance of checks before approval by City Council.

Pursuant to RCW 42.24.180, the City Council, after audit by the Auditing Officer, authorizes the early issuance and release of checks for payment of claims, bills, invoices and other demands or obligations before formal approval by the City Council; for the purposes of avoiding late fees and penalties, avoiding the disruption of service or delivery of goods or services, taking advantage of early payment discounts, complying with obligations established by previously approved legally binding agreements, reimbursing employees for City purchases that cannot be made with a City credit card, and paying such other transactions that require immediate remittance necessary for the ongoing efficient operation and affairs of the City government. (Ord. 604 § 1, 2015)

3.03.030 Council review.

The City Council shall review the documentation supporting claims paid for its approval of all checks issued in payment of claims at a regularly scheduled public meeting within one month of issuance. If, upon review, the City Council disapproves some claims, the Auditing Officer and the City Manager shall jointly cause the disapproved claims to be recognized as receivables of the City and pursue collection diligently until the amounts disapproved are collected or until the City Council is satisfied and approves the claims. (Ord. 604 § 1, 2015)