Chapter 3.22


3.22.010    Administration.

3.22.020    Use.

3.22.030    Acceptance.

3.22.010 Administration.

The City Manager or his designee shall have the responsibility for the financial administration of all donations to the City. (Ord. 521 § 1, 2011)

3.22.020 Use.

In the event a donor has indicated a desire for a particular use by the City of a donation, such donation shall, to the extent reasonably feasible, be used consistent with the donor’s desired use. (Ord. 521 § 1, 2011)

3.22.030 Acceptance.

All monetary and nonmonetary donations with a current value of up to $5,000 may be approved and accepted for the City by the City Manager. All donations with a value greater than $5,000 must be accepted by resolution of the City Council. The City Manager shall estimate the value of any nonmonetary donation not supported by a bona fide appraisal, for the purposes of compliance with this section. (Ord. 521 § 1, 2011)