Chapter 12.03


12.03.010    Official street map adopted.

12.03.020    Effect of official street map.

12.03.030    Changes to official street map.

12.03.050    Repealed.

12.03.010 Official street map adopted.

(1) The official street map dated January 5, 2010, is adopted as shown in Attachment A to the ordinance codified in this section. The Mayor shall sign and the City Clerk attest to the official street map within 10 business days after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this section. The official street map shall be posted within City Hall.

(2) Changes to the official street map shall be by ordinance, attested to by the Mayor and the City Clerk on the affected map. Dedications may be entered on the map without an ordinance after the City Council has accepted the dedication. In the event a prior map or plan is in conflict with the one adopted subsequent in time, the most recent shall prevail.

(3) The following future streets shall be shown on the official street map:

(a) 135th Avenue Northeast/136th Avenue Northeast;

(b) Northeast 173rd Street;

(c) Northeast 178th Street/Mill Place.

The exact alignments of these future streets are not established by the adoption of the official street map and will need to be established in the future either by City Council approval of an engineering study, or the City approval of a binding site plan, plat or short plat.

(4) The City still desires to establish a street connecting Northeast 175th Street and the Woodinville-Snohomish Road in the general location of 135th or 136th Avenues Northeast, with a strong preference for completing the intersection of 135th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 175th Street. The City does not establish a specific alignment for 135th or 136th Avenues Northeast on the official street map. However, prior to any building or other development permit being issued to an owner of property within the special study area, as depicted on the official street map, the City shall consider the need for a street in the 135th Avenue or 136th Avenue corridor. The City may require building setbacks to accommodate such street and may require dedications and/or street improvements for such street. At such time as such a street is established, any reciprocal easement, inconsistent or in conflict with such street, may be extinguished or modified.

(5) The alignment of the future grid road, 138th Avenue Northeast (Garden Way) between Northeast 171st Street and Northeast 175th Street, shall be as adopted by the King County Council in Ordinance No. 8144. The right-of-way width of 138th Avenue Northeast shall be 72 feet wide when established as a public street. (Ord. 564 § 1, 2013; Ord. 483 § 1, 2010; Ord. 147 §§ 2 – 5, 1996; Ord. 33 § 1, 1993)

12.03.020 Effect of official street map.

(1) Property Fronting on Street. No permit for a building or other structure requiring a building permit in accordance with the Uniform Building Code, or any underground fuel storage facility shall be issued or allowed to be built within an existing or proposed right-of-way shown on the official street map. Required setbacks in yard or other open space requirement shall be measured from the existing or proposed right-of-way as shown on the official street map.

No site development permit shall be issued or development approved within an existing or proposed right-of-way without the property owner obtaining a right-of-way use permit or entering into an agreement with the City. The agreement may provide for temporary private improvements to the existing or proposed rights-of-way by the property owner. Within terms of said agreement, or when determined by the City for a right-of-way use permit, any improvements that have been installed as permitted by the City, within the existing or proposed rights-of-way, shall be removed by the property owner at their expense. At such time when it has been determined by the City that the existing or proposed right-of-way is needed, said property owner shall, at their expense, modify their access to the right-of-way to conform to the City’s then current standards.

(2) Property Not on Street. No building or other development permit shall be issued to owners of property not fronting on an improved street shown on the official street map unless the property fronts on an access easement approved by the City through the subdivision process.

(3) Dedication and Construction of Improvements. Applicants for a subdivision, a building permit, or other form of development which may generate transportation system impacts shall perform a Transportation Impact Analysis in accordance with the City’s adopted Transportation Impact Analysis Guidelines. Impacts identified by the Transportation Impact Analysis shall be mitigated by the dedication of rights-of-way to the City, and/or construction of required street/highway and/or pedestrian/bicycle path improvements including mitigation for impacted State highways. Such dedication of rights-of-way and construction of improvements shall be required if the City determines that the dedication and improvements are related to the proposed development. The Transportation Impact Analysis identified impacts shall be in addition to other mitigation measures which may be required as a result of the SEPA process, or other City review procedures. Nothing herewith prohibits or excludes other properties or the City from participating, by means determined appropriate by the City, with the applicant in the expense of rights-of-way dedication or construction of improvements. (Ord. 147 §§ 6, 7, 1996; Ord. 33 § 2, 1993)

12.03.030 Changes to official street map.

(1) The City Manager or designee is authorized to make adjustments to the Official Street Map to reflect minor roadway alignments or to allow substitution of sidewalks and landscaping on private property. Such adjustments shall be reflected on the Official Street Map.

(2) Other than as set forth above, changes to the official street map shall be reviewed by the Planning Commission and approved by the City Council. (Ord. 33 § 3, 1993)

12.03.050 Flexibility in Downtown Street and Pathway Design Standards.

Repealed by Ord. 564. (Ord. 147 § 8, 1996)