Chapter 12.15


12.15.010    Purpose.

12.15.020    Road designations.

12.15.030    Building addresses.

12.15.040    Uncertainty of road designations or addresses.

12.15.050    Maintenance.

12.15.060    Council redesignation of streets.

12.15.070    Repealed.

12.15.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to delegate to the Building Division of the Department of Public Services, hereafter called the Division, the authority to assign road names and numbers, and address the principal entrances of all buildings or other uses in conformance with the grid system established by King County. (Ord. 64 § 1, 1993)

12.15.020 Road designations.

(1) Public or private roads shall be designated within the guidelines of the grid system as determined by the Division. Named roads can only be assigned when the numbered grid is determined infeasible by the Division or by resolution of the City Council. The Division may redesignate existing private roads if such roads are determined to be inconsistent with the surrounding road designation system.

(2) All roads shall carry a geographic suffix or prefix. Roads designated as avenues shall carry a geographic suffix and shall extend in a north-south direction, and roads designated as streets shall carry a geographic prefix and shall extend in an east-west direction. Diagonal roads are treated as being either north-south or east-west roads. Names such as place, way, court, and drive may be used on a road extending in either direction.

(3) Appeals of designations shall first be heard by the City Manager. Subsequent appeal may be made to the City Council. (Ord. 64 § 2, 1993)

12.15.030 Building addresses.

(1) The assignment of addresses for new buildings will occur in conjunction with the issuance of a building permit.

(2) The assignment of addresses shall be based on the following criteria: even numbers shall be used on the northerly side of roads named as east-west and on the easterly side of roads named as north-south. Odd numbers shall be used on the southerly side of roads named as east-west and on the westerly side of roads named as north-south. Addresses shall be assigned whole numbers only.

(3) Should the Division find that any building, structure or premises is not provided with an address, is not correctly addressed, or is not using the assigned address, it shall notify the owner, agent or renter of the correct address. The address number shall be properly placed in accordance with the provisions of this chapter by the effective date shown upon the notice. It shall be unlawful for any owner, agent, or renter to display, advertise or use the wrong address after notification by the Division. (Ord. 64 § 3, 1993)

12.15.040 Uncertainty of road designations or addresses.

Whenever there is doubt or difference of opinion as to the correct road designation or correct address, the road designation or address shall be determined by the Division in accordance with this chapter. (Ord. 64 § 4, 1993)

12.15.050 Maintenance.

(1) The owner, occupant or renter of an addressed building or other structure shall maintain the address in a conspicuous place over or near the principal entrance(s) or in such other conspicuous place as is necessary for visually locating such address.

(2) The address numbers shall be easily legible figures, not less than three inches high if a residential use or individual multi-family unit, nor less than five inches high if a commercial use. Numbers shall contrast with the color of the building or structure upon which they are placed and shall either be illuminated during periods of darkness, or be reflective, so they are easily seen at night. (Ord. 64 § 5, 1993)

12.15.060 Council redesignation of streets.

(1) Notwithstanding provisions in this chapter, the City Council reserves the option of changing street names or changing numbered streets to named streets. Applications to the Council for street renaming shall contain the signatures of the majority of persons having ownership in properties addressed on the street to be renamed. Notice of proposed name changes shall be mailed to all property owners whose addresses would be changed at least 20 days prior to Council action. A change of street names shall be accomplished by the adoption of an ordinance directing such change.

(2) The Council shall consider technical input from the Division, locational and development characteristics relative to the street, and the impact of the change on existing businesses and residences, as well as on emergency vehicle responsiveness, in determining whether the change should be granted. Only entire street lengths or distinct major portions of streets shall be separately renamed by the City. For purposes of this chapter, “distinct major portions” shall mean a separate portion of a street identifiable by either a directional shift of at least 45 degrees or an interrupted interval of at least one quarter mile. (Ord. 64 § 6, 1993)

12.15.070 Enforcement.

Repealed by Ord. 230. (Ord. 64 § 7, 1993)