Chapter 21.89


21.89.010    Procedures.

21.89.020    Application fee.

21.89.030    Information required for annexation proposal.

21.89.040    Criteria for annexations.

21.89.010 Procedures.

The procedures for annexation of unincorporated territory to the City of Woodinville are set forth in Chapter 35A.14 RCW as supplemented by this chapter. (Ord. 683 § 6 (Att. D), 2019)

21.89.020 Application fee.

Whenever an annexation is proposed via the petition method, the applicant shall pay the fee adopted in the City’s fee schedule. (Ord. 683 § 6 (Att. D), 2019)

21.89.030 Information required for annexation proposal.

The following information should be included in an annexation request proposed by the petition method:

(1) Statistical data including, but not limited to, legal descriptions, estimated population, number of residential units and other land uses within the area to be annexed;

(2) Maps showing the outline boundaries of the area to be annexed;

(3) An analysis of existing and needed public services;

(4) Information on any special circumstances such as public health or safety problems;

(5) Cost-benefit analysis of the annexation; and

(6) Other information requested by the City to help evaluate the annexation proposal. (Ord. 683 § 6 (Att. D), 2019)

21.89.040 Criteria for annexations.

When considering annexation proposals, the following criteria may be used in evaluating the proposal:

(1) The probability of substantial future financial benefit to the City;

(2) Areas to be annexed are contiguous to current City limits and should have regular, logical boundaries;

(3) The public health and welfare of areas to be annexed and the City as a whole should be enhanced through annexation;

(4) There is a capacity to provide the full range of urban services to newly annexed areas in a timely manner without reducing the level of those services to other residents and businesses; and

(5) Existing and proposed uses and development standards for areas considered for annexation should be consistent with adopted City plans and standards. (Ord. 683 § 6 (Att. D), 2019)