Chapter 21.93


21.93.010    On-site recreation space and trail corridor required.

21.93.020    On-site recreation space.

21.93.030    Trail corridor.

21.93.010 On-site recreation space and trail corridor required.

(1) Excluding detached single-family dwelling permits, new developments located in an area with a designated trail as identified in the Woodinville Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan, or in the Nonmotorized Transportation Plan, provisions shall be made for the reservation of right-of-way or easements for public trail purposes including the construction of the trail.

(2) For new land divisions involving five or more new lots, provisions shall be made for on-site public or private recreation space, which may be satisfied by subsection (1) of this section. (Ord. 737 § 2 (Att. A), 2022)

21.93.020 On-site recreation space.

(1) Where required, on-site recreation space shall take the form of playgrounds, parks, trails, open space, recreation center, or other forms of indoor or outdoor recreation approved by the City.

(2) Recreation space may be dedicated as a public park when the following criteria are satisfied:

(a) The dedicated land provides one or more of the following:

(i) Shoreline access;

(ii) Regional trail linkages;

(iii) Habitat linkages;

(iv) Recreation facilities; or

(v) Heritage sites; and

(b) The entire dedicated area is located less than one mile from the project site.

(3) On-site recreation spaces that are not dedicated to the City and are located within the land division are the responsibility of the homeowners’ association or the owners of the recreation space to maintain. Provisions for maintenance must be in writing, such as declaration of covenants, conditions, and restrictions, informing the homeowners of the responsibility and outlining the maintenance procedures in accordance with City standards.

(4) The City may accept fees in lieu of private on-site recreation space based on the typical market value of the recreation space otherwise required as determined by the Director.

(a) The fee shall be paid to the City prior to issuance of building permits;

(b) Such fees shall be used by the City for the acquisition and improvement of City parks or public recreational facilities that serve the development; and

(c) Such fees shall be expended through the City’s capital budget and program appropriations. (Ord. 737 § 2 (Att. A), 2022)

21.93.030 Trail corridor.

(1) Trail Design Standards. Trail design shall be consistent with adopted standards for:

(a) Width of the trail corridor or as approved by the Director;

(b) Location of the trail corridor on the site;

(c) Surfacing improvements; and

(d) Uses permitted within the corridor.

(2) Trail Improvements and Maintenance. Maintenance of any trail corridor or improvement, retained in private ownership, shall be the responsibility of the homeowners’ association or the owners of the trail corridor to maintain, provided:

(a) A provision for the maintenance of the trail space must be provided in the covenants of the development, or in some other binding document; and

(b) Any trail space not maintained to the City’s standards may be maintained by the City at the homeowners’ association/property owners’ expense. (Ord. 737 § 2 (Att. A), 2022)