Chapter 6.12


6.12.010    Purpose of provisions.

6.12.020    Permit required.

6.12.030    Permit application.

6.12.040    Violation--Penalty.

6.12.010 Purpose of provisions.

The requirements set out in this chapter for a license or permit for the functions described in this chapter within the Town are required to maintain and secure adequate traffic flow, ingress and egress for emergency vehicles and to adequately safeguard the public health, safety and welfare of the Town and the general public using the public streets and roads of the Town.  (Ord. 17-578 § 1 (Exh. C (part)), 2017:  Ord. 60 § 7, 1970)

6.12.020 Permit required.

A.    Any person, firm or corporation proposing to hold, arrange, conduct or cause to be held, arranged or conducted a function at which one hundred or more persons will be gathered on public or private property for the purpose of attending such function is required to apply for and obtain a permit authorizing such function from the Town at least fourteen days prior to the date of the function, which shall be made on the prescribed forms of the Clerk/Finance Office of the Town.  The fee for permits issued under this section shall be established pursuant to Section 3.32.010.

B.    Any such function proposed or held by the Town shall be exempt from this chapter.  (Ord. 17-579 § 6, 2017; Ord. 17-578 § 1 (Exh. C (part)), 2017:  Ord. 15-565 § 1, 2015:  Ord. 60 § l, 1970)

6.12.030 Permit application.

A.    The permit application shall include:

1.    A statement of the identity of the sponsoring person, property owner, firm or corporation and officers of the firm or corporation;

2.    The estimated number of persons expected to attend;

3.    The estimated duration of such function;

4.    The location of the function;

5.    Information concerning the proposed program, security plans, water, food, sanitation facilities and provision for cleanup;

6.    Specific information regarding the number, use and wattage of loudspeakers and shall state the maximum proposed intensity of sound in decibels.

a.    A copy of Section 6.08.031 shall be attached to the permit application and shall become a part of the application; and

7.    Specifications for parking of motor vehicles.

a.    Details of the proposed parking area(s) including:

i.    Location;

ii.    Ownership;

iii.    Copies of permits or consent to use, etc., signed by property owners of the proposed parking area.

b.    Permit applicants, sponsors and property owners of parking areas for such functions shall provide clearly designated parking spaces together with sufficient attendants to control ingress and egress to the roads and streets maintaining access for safety, fire protection and emergency vehicles of the Town.  (Ord. 17-578 § 1 (Exh. C (part)), 2017:  Ord. 15-565 § 2, 2015; Ord. 60 §§ 2, 3, 4, 1970)

6.12.040 Violation--Penalty.

A.    Any person, property owner, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be liable to the Town by way of civil penalty in the sum of five hundred dollars for a first offense, recoverable by civil process in aid of this chapter and provision, in either the district court for the county, or the superior court.  Each subsequent violation shall result in a civil penalty in the sum of one thousand dollars.

B.    The owner, operator, tenant or other person having either ownership, custody, control or right to control the parcel of real property on which such function or assemblage is held without a valid license or permit shall likewise be liable to a civil penalty of five hundred dollars or, in the alternative, the actual cost of any special traffic control, safety, security, health or peace-keeping personnel and equipment employed or used by the Town in connection with such proceedings in the sole judgment of the Mayor on the advice of the Police Chief for the purpose of maintaining order, traffic control and general public peace and security, whichever sum is greater.

C.    Such sum and expense as may be incurred or arranged for by the Town and which remains unpaid ten days before such gathering or proceeding occurs, shall constitute a lien in favor of the Town against the real property where such gathering or proceedings occur or take place, with or without the permit required by this chapter.  (Ord. 17-578 § 1 (Exh. C (part)), 2017:  Ord. 15-565 § 4, 2015; Ord. 60 § 6, 1970.  Formerly 6.12.050)