Chapter 5.46


5.46.010    License required.

5.46.020    Application for license.

5.46.030    Fee—Designation of floor space—Term.

5.46.040    Conduct of persons on premises.

5.46.010 License required.

No premises holding a state license for the sale of beer, wine, whiskey, or other intoxicating liquor for consumption upon the premises shall provide or allow music, dancing or entertainment to be conducted on such premises unless the owner or operator thereof has first secured a city license so to do; provided, that the words “music” and “entertainment” as herein used shall not apply to radios, television sets or mechanical musical devices, where dancing is not permitted. The license required under this chapter is separate from and in addition to the business license issued under Chapter 5.52 YMC, which may also be required when applicable. (Ord. 2020-006 § 9, 2020: Ord. B-1576 § 1, 1954).

5.46.020 Application for license.

Application for such license shall be made to the code administration manager, and the fee provided therefor paid at the time of such application. Upon the receipt of such application the facts relative thereto shall be transmitted to the chief of police, who shall immediately investigate such premises. The chief of police shall report to the city manager the result of his investigation relative to the character of the proposed licensed premises and the conduct of patrons thereof. After due consideration of such information, if the city manager shall deem that the issuance of license to such premises shall be for the best interests of the community, he shall so advise the code administration manager, who shall thereupon issue such license. If, however, it shall be determined by the city manager from such investigation of the chief of police that the issuance of such license would be opposed to the best interests of the community, he shall so advise the code administration manager, who shall thereupon deny such license. (Ord. 93-74 § 5, 1993: Ord. B-1576 § 2, 1954).

5.46.030 Fee—Designation of floor space—Term.

A.    The fee for such license shall be the sum of three hundred seven dollars and fifty-one cents per year or fraction thereof, except as provided by subsection B of this section; provided that if such establishment has dance space in excess of five hundred square feet and not exceeding seven hundred fifty square feet, such fee shall be four hundred sixty dollars and sixty-eight cents; if such dance space exceeds seven hundred fifty square feet and not exceeding one thousand square feet, such fee shall be six hundred fifteen dollars and five cents and if such dancing floor space exceeds one thousand square feet, such fee shall be seven hundred sixty-eight dollars and twenty cents. The floor space to be used for dancing shall be designated by enclosing the same on four sides with a black line four inches wide painted on the floor and dancing shall be confined to such designated floor space. Such license shall be effective for the period beginning January 1st and ending December 31st of the same year or for any portion thereof, except as provided in subsection B of this section.

B.    In the event the activity to be licensed by this chapter is to be conducted for five days or less, a temporary license fee of sixteen dollars and fifty cents shall be paid by the license for each day the licensed activity is to be conducted, which temporary license fee shall be collected by the city in lieu of the annual license fee called for by subsection A of this section.

C.    The application fee for each permit issued under this chapter shall be sixteen dollars and fifty cents which amount shall be credited to payment of the permit fee. Application fees shall not be refundable. (Ord. 3143 § 8, 1988; Ord. 3002 § 8, 1987; Ord. 2926 § 9, 1985; Ord. 2838 § 9, 1985; Ord. 2736 § 9, 1983, Ord. 1880 § 17, 1975; Ord. 1465 §§ 3, 4, 1972; Ord. 1144 § 1, 1969: Ord. B-1576 § 3, 1954).

5.46.040 Conduct of persons on premises.

All such licensed premises shall be conducted in a quiet and orderly manner and as provided for by the Washington State Liquor Control Act. In addition to the other penalties herein provided upon violation of any of the terms or provisions of this chapter or the failure of the owner or operator of such premises to conduct the same in a quiet and orderly manner or as provided by the Washington State Liquor Control Act, said license may be revoked upon opportunity first being given the holder thereof to appear before the city manager in his own behalf. (Ord. B-1576 § 4, 1954).