Chapter 5.54


5.54.010    Defined.

5.54.020    License required—Application—Bond—Fee—Transfer.

5.54.030    Term—Revocation.

5.54.040    Register.

5.54.050    Daily report.

5.54.060    Property kept thirty days after receipt.

5.54.100    Violation and penalty.

9.    Statutory authority see RCW Ch. 19.60.

5.54.010 Defined.

Every person engaged in whole or in part in the business of loaning money on deposit of, or pledge of, any kind of personal property, or who deals in the business of any kind of personal property on condition of selling the same back again at a stipulated price, or who makes a public display at his place of business of the kind generally used by pawnbrokers to conduct their business, or who shows three gilt or yellow balls, or publicly exhibits a sign as “Money to loan on personal property on deposit or pledge,” or who keeps any secondhand store or any other place where money is loaned and any kind of personal property is received or kept as security in the city of Yakima, is declared to be a pawnbroker. (Ord. A-581 § 1, 1921).

5.54.020 License required—Application—Bond—Fee—Transfer.

No person shall engage in the business of a pawnbroker in the city of Yakima without first procuring a license therefor, and in order to procure a license he or she shall present to the city an application which shall contain the name of the applicant, the place where he or she proposes to conduct his or her business, the name under which the same shall be conducted, the names of persons interested in the business, if a copartnership or corporation, and in addition thereto shall supply the city with such other and further information as may be required to administer the provisions of this chapter. If such application is approved the city shall issue a license to the applicant upon his or her executing and delivering to the city of Yakima a bond to be approved by the city attorney in the sum of one thousand dollars conditioned that he or she will conduct such business in compliance with all of the ordinances of the city of Yakima and the laws of the state of Washington. The license fee shall be the sum of one hundred fourteen dollars and twenty-six cents per year. Said license shall not be assignable or transferable. The license and fee required under this chapter are separate from and in addition to the business license required under Chapter 5.52 YMC, which may also be required when applicable. (Ord. 2020-006 § 23, 2020: Ord. 3143 § 11, 1988: Ord. 3002 § 11, 1987: Ord. 2926 § 12, 1985: Ord. 2838 § 12, 1985: Ord. 2736 § 12, 1984: Ord. 1880 § 18, 1975: Ord. 1195 § 23, 1969: Ord. A-58l § 2, 1921).

5.54.030 Term—Revocation.

All licenses issued hereunder shall be issued for a period of not less than one year and shall be subject to revocation by the city manager for any cause deemed sufficient by him, and if said license shall be revoked, the licensee shall close his place of business and cease within thirty days from the date of such revocation. (Ord. A-581 § 3, 1921).

5.54.040 Register.

Every pawnbroker doing business in the city of Yakima shall at all times keep and maintain in his place of business a book or other permanent record in which shall be legibly written in the English language, at the time of each loan or purchase, a record thereof containing:

1.    The signature of the person with whom the transaction is made;

2.    The date of the transaction;

3.    The name of the person or employee conducting the same;

4.    The name, date of birth, sex, height, weight, race, and address and telephone number of the person with whom the transaction is made;

5.    The street and house number of the place from which the property bought or received in pledge was last removed;

6.    The type and identifying number of identification used by the person with whom the transaction was made, which shall consist of a driver’s license or identification card issued by any state or two pieces of identification issued by a governmental agency, one of which shall be descriptive of the person identified, and a full copy of the front of each piece of identification used by the person with whom the transaction was made. At all times, one piece of current government issued picture identification will be required;

7.    A description of the property bought or received in pledge which, in the case of watches, clocks and bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, guns and revolvers, cameras, tires or any other kind or character of property having a number or numbers, shall contain the name of the maker and the number of both the works, case, engine or motor number, or such other number or numbers as may serve to identify it, together with a description of all letters and marks inscribed thereon whereby the same may be identified; provided, that when the articles purchased are furniture or the contents of any house or room, actually inspected on the premises, a general record of the transaction shall be sufficient;

8.    The price paid or the amount loaned;

9.    The number of any contract or pawn ticket received or other document evidencing the transaction.

Such record and all goods received and purchased shall at all times during the ordinary hours of business be open to the inspection of the chief of police or any other police officer of the city of Yakima. (Ord. 2015-012 § 1, 2015: Ord. A-581 § 4, 1921).

5.54.050 Daily report.

Every pawnbroker doing business in the city of Yakima, at the request of the chief of police, shall before noon of every day report, in the manner prescribed by the chief of police, a full, true and correct transcript of the records of all loans and purchases made and transactions had on the preceding day, and if he has good cause to believe that any of the property in his possession has been previously lost or stolen, he shall forthwith report such fact to the chief of police, together with the name of the person from whom the same was received by him. (Ord. 2015-012 § 2, 2015: Ord. A-581 § 5, 1921).

5.54.060 Property kept thirty days after receipt.

Property brought or received in pledge by any pawnbroker shall not be removed from that place of business, except when redeemed by, or returned to the owner, within thirty days after the receipt of the property. Property shall at all times during the ordinary hours of business be open to inspection to any commissioned law enforcement officer of the state or any of its political subdivisions. Property shall be kept separate and apart from other goods for thirty days following each purchase or receipt. (Ord. 93-56 § 1, 1993: Ord. A-581 § 6, 1921).

5.54.100 Violation and penalty.

1.    Violation of any of the provisions of this chapter shall be treated as a gross misdemeanor.

2.    In addition to any criminal enforcement, the city or any individual may pursue any available civil remedies deemed appropriate and necessary. (Ord. 2015-012 § 3, 2015).