Chapter 5.94


5.94.010    FCC Rate Regulations adopted.

5.94.010 FCC Rate Regulations adopted.

A.    The city will follow the FCC Rate Regulations in its regulation of the basic service rates and charges of the company and any other cable television system operating in the city, notwithstanding any different or inconsistent provisions in the franchise or other orders, resolutions, ordinances or laws.

B.    In connection with such regulation, the city will ensure a reasonable opportunity for consideration of the views of interested parties.

C.    The city manager, or his designee, is authorized to execute on behalf of the city and file with the FCC any such additional or further certification forms or other instruments as are now or may hereafter be required by the FCC Rate Regulations in order to enable the city to regulate basic service regulations and charges, without limitation of any authority to file any other complaints, forms or certifications for other cable related matters, and all previously filed forms are ratified and approved. (Ord. 94-15 §§ 1—3, 1994).