Chapter 6.68


6.68.010    Shoplifting.

6.68.020    Statutes adopted.

6.68.105    Vehicle meddle.

6.68.115    Unlawful bill posting.

6.68.120    Mischievous missile throwing.

6.68.140    Unlawful possession of tools and devices.

6.68.307    Defrauding taxicab operator.

6.68.010 Shoplifting.

It is unlawful for any person to willfully take possession of any goods, wares, or merchandise offered for sale by any wholesale or retail store or other mercantile establishment without the consent of the seller, with the intention of converting such goods, wares, or merchandise to his own use without having paid the purchase price thereof.

Shoplifting is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. 2001-30 § 3, 2001: Ord. 98-32 § 15, 1998: Ord. 98-3 § 45, 1998: Ord. 96-75 § 16 (part), 1996: Ord. 94-22 § 34, 1994; Ord. 1534 § 1, 1973; Ord. 82 § 1, 1960; Ord. B-290 § 1, 1948).

6.68.020 Statutes adopted.

The following Revised Code of Washington (RCW) sections, as currently enacted or as hereafter amended or recodified from time to time, are hereby adopted by reference and shall be given the same force and effect as if set forth herein in full:


9.91.142    Food stamp trafficking.

9A.48.010    Definitions.

9A.48.050    Reckless burning in the second degree.

9A.48.090    Malicious mischief in the third degree.

9A.48.100    Malicious mischief—Physical damage defined.

9A.52.060    Making or having burglar tools.

9A.52.100    Vehicle prowling in the second degree.

9A.56.010    Definitions.

9A.56.020    Theft—Definition, defense.

9A.56.050    Theft in the third degree.

9A.56.060    Unlawful issuance of checks or drafts.

9A.56.063    Making or possessing motor vehicle theft tools.

9A.56.096    Theft of rental, leased, lease-purchased, or loaned property.

9A.56.140     Possessing of stolen property—Definition—Presumption.

9A.56.170    Possessing stolen property in the third degree.

9A.56.180    Obscuring the identity of a machine.

9A.56.220    Theft of subscription television services.

9A.56.270    Shopping cart theft.

9A.56.280    Credit, debit cards, checks, etc.—Definitions.

9A.56.330    Possession of another’s identification.

19.48.110    Obtaining hotel, restaurant, lodging house, ski area, accommodations by fraud—Penalty.

(Ord. 2015-021 § 20, 2015: Ord. 2012-10 § 1, 2012: Ord. 2009-36 § 3, 2009).

6.68.105 Vehicle meddle.

A.    No person shall, without authority, take or carry away any property in or attached to the vehicle of another from the place where left by the owner or person in charge thereof, or meddle with, deface, mutilate or destroy the vehicle of another or any part thereof.

B.    Vehicle meddling is a gross misdemeanor. (Ord. 98-3 § 51, 1998: Ord. 94-22 § 5, 1994: Ord. 93-58 § 1, 1993: Ord. 1113 § 1, 1969).

6.68.115 Unlawful bill posting.

It is unlawful for any person to post, stick, stamp, paint or otherwise fix, or cause the same to be done by any person, any notice, placard, bill, card, poster, advertisement or other paper or device, calculated to attract the attention of the public, to or upon any sidewalk, crosswalk, curb or curbstone, or any other portion or part of any public way or public place, or any lamp post, light, power, telegraph or telephone pole, or any hydrant, box or fixture of the fire alarm or police communication system, or other public structure or building, or on any private wall, fence, building or other private property without the consent of the owner or person in control thereof. A violation of this section is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 2015-021 § 10, 2015: Ord. 954 § 1, 1967: Ord. B-64, 1934: Ord. A-236 § 11, 1917. Formerly 6.04.465).

6.68.120 Mischievous missile throwing.

A.    It is unlawful for any person who willfully or maliciously throws any missile or any other object at, against or upon any house, building, structure, vehicle or car or any premises of any person with the intent to vex or annoy the owner or occupant thereof.

B.    Mischievous missile throwing is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 2015-021 § 11, 2015; Ord. 94-22 § 23, 1994: Ord. 93-58 § 4, 1993. Formerly 6.04.480).

6.68.140 Unlawful possession of tools and devices.

A.    It is unlawful for any person to make or mend, or cause to be made or mended, or have in his possession, in the day or nighttime, any engine, tool, machine, device or implement, adapted, designed or commonly used to trip, cheat, defraud or operate without the use of money, vending machines, pinball machines or other coin-operated machines, under circumstances evidencing an intent to use or employ, or allow the same to be used or employed, in such operation, or knowing that the same is intended to be so used. The possession thereof except by a mechanic, artificer or tradesman, at and in his established shop or place of business, open to public view, shall be prima facie evidence that such possession was had with intent to use or employ or allow the same to be used or employed in the tripping, cheating, defrauding or operating such coin-operated devices without the use of money or coins, is declared to be a disorderly person.

B.    Violation of this section is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 98-3 § 53, 1998: Ord. 94-22 § 11, 1994: Ord. B-586, 1943: Ord. A-236 § 1(26A), 1917).

6.68.307 Defrauding taxicab operator.

A.    It is unlawful for any person to hire the services of a taxicab with the intent to defraud the operator thereof, and to refuse to pay such operator the fare for such services according to the rates established by law. For purposes of this section, the refusal of any person who hires taxicab services to pay for such services shall constitute prima facie evidence of intent to defraud, and the amount of the fare indicated on the taximeter in such taxicab constitutes prima facie evidence of the fare due for such services according to rates established by law.

B.    Defrauding a taxicab operator is a misdemeanor. (Ord. 98-3 § 55, 1998: Ord. 94-22 § 18, 1994: Ord. 1561 § 1, 1973).