Chapter 7.44


7.44.010    Library established.

7.44.020    Library trustees—Board created.

7.44.030    Regional library authorized.

7.44.010 Library established.

A free public library is created and established in the city of Yakima, Washington, to be known as the Yakima Public Library. (Ord. 401 § 1, 1904).

7.44.020 Library trustees—Board created.

The management and control of the library shall be vested in a board of five trustees, who shall be appointed by the mayor with the consent of the city council. (Ord. 379 § 1, 1962: Ord. 401 § 2, 1904).

7.44.030 Regional library authorized.

The Yakima Public Library shall be operated as a regional library pursuant to an agreement between the city of Yakima and the Yakima County rural library district under the authority of RCW Chapter 27.12, which agreement and any revisions thereof shall be subject to approval by resolution of the city council. (Ord. 379 § 2, 1962: Ord. 401 § 3, 1904).