Chapter 8.95


8.95.010    Prior to reviewing owners’ request.

8.95.020    Owners’ request for public ownership.

8.95.030    City’s review.

8.95.040    Public ownership of private road.

8.95.010 Prior to reviewing owners’ request.

Prior to the city taking action on an application from a private property owner/entity that the city acquire ownership of a private street, the city shall require that the applicant demonstrate the existence, to the city’s satisfaction, of a legally sufficient document relinquishing ownership of the private road and adjoining property to be included in the application to the city upon the city approving their application. At a minimum, this document must be signed by each property owner, or by a person designated with legal authority to sign on behalf of the property owner(s) or an association if an association has been established for such a purpose. This requirement shall be a prerequisite to the city accepting an application for transfer of ownership. (Ord. 2007-72 § 1 (part), 2007).

8.95.020 Owners’ request for public ownership.

In order for the city to evaluate the owners’ request, the owners must, at a minimum, supply the city with a completed application for review together with all of the information detailed in the “Private Road Evaluation Form” set forth in this section. The information provided in this document will be further supplemented and verified by city engineering staff.

Private Road Evaluation Form

Name of Road(s):_________________________

Name of Plat or Legal Description for Street: ____


Existing Street Conditions

Pavement Width: _________________________

Dedicated Right of Way Width1: _____________

Pavement Depth2: _________________________

Surfacing Depth3: _________________________

Curb and Gutter: _____Yes _____No

Sidewalks: ___None ___Both Sides ___One Side

Sidewalk Width: _____

On-Street Parking: ___None ___Both Sides ___One Side

Street Lights: ____Yes ____No ___Number

Signing: Attach a list of all existing street name, regulatory or advisory signs

Diameter of Cul-De-Sac(s): ______

Utility Easements: ___Yes ___No ____Width

Pavement Condition: ___Good ___Fair ___Poor

Maintenance that has been performed in the last 10 years: _____________________________________

Problems during the last 10 years: ____________


Type of Access Provided: _____

Number of Points of Access: _____

Number of Lots: ______

Ability to Construct Additional Access Points (if required): _____Yes _____No

Storm Drainage

Method of Discharging Storm Drainage: _____Drywell _____Drain to Stream _____Runs off the side of road _____Other: ___________________

Method of Treatment: ___Vadose Zone ___Swale ____Mechanical Device ____None ____Other: _________________________

If Drywell, Depth to Groundwater4: ______
Soil Type ______________________

If Draining to Stream, Name of Stream: ________

Provide As Built Plans of Storm Drainage Facility Locations


Describe the original purpose/reason for constructing the street as a Private Road: _____________

Verified by City Staff: _____________________

    Name    Title    Date

1 From As-Built Plans.

2 From As-Built Plans or Cores.

3 From As-Built Plans or Cores.

4 Can use data from Ecology wells in the general vicinity.

(Ord. 2007-72 § 1 (part), 2007).

8.95.030 City’s review.

The city shall review each application by comparing the physical attributes of the existing roadway to the city standards contained in the “Existing City of Yakima Street Standards” set forth in this section. Failure of the private road to meet all of the city’s existing street standards will not necessarily mean that the application will be rejected. However, city council will review each substandard or defective attribute associated with each application to determine whether said defect(s) would be accepted as is, whether the defect(s) must be brought up to acceptable city standards, or whether the city would require a payment from the applicant in an amount sufficient to correct the defective attribute.

Existing City of Yakima Street Standards

Existing Street Conditions:

Required pavement width is 32 feet.

Required Right of Way width is 50 feet.

Required pavement depth is 2 inches.

Required surfacing depth is 6 inches.

Curb and gutter is required on both sides of the road.

Five-foot sidewalks are required on both sides.

Street lights are required at all intersections and at mid-block for block longer than 500 feet.

The minimum cul-de-sac diameter is 65 feet.

Utility easements of 8-feet shall be dedicated along the front of each lot.


One access point needs to be provided for each 30 lots.

Storm Drainage:

The existing storm drainage must provide the treatment specified in the Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington, and must provide capacity for the 10-year storm.

(Ord. 2007-72 § 1 (part), 2007).

8.95.040 Public ownership of private road.

Provided that the city council approves the application and the required property transfer documentation is legally sufficient, a private road shall become the property of the city, and the city shall, from the effective date of transfer, become responsible to maintain the road in the same manner as the rest of the public roads within the city. (Ord. 2007-72 § 1 (part), 2007).