Chapter 11.05


11.05.010    Adoption of the Washington State Energy Code.

11.05.010 Adoption of the Washington State Energy Code.

The Washington State Energy Code adopted by a Washington State Building Code Council, effective July 1, 1991, and as subsequently revised and amended, codified as Chapter 51-11 of the Washington Administrative Code of which not less than one copy has been and now is on file in the office of the code administration and planning manager of the city of Yakima, is adopted and incorporated as fully as if it were set out in full herein as the energy code of the city of Yakima; and the provisions and regulations of the city of Yakima and the several sections and numbers herein shall constitute, and may be referred to as, the numbers of this chapter. (Ord. 2005-07 § 2, 2005: Ord. 3395 § 2 (part), 1991).