Chapter 12.01


12.01.010    Purpose.

12.01.020    Applicability—Compliance.

12.01.030    Design documents.

12.01.040    Review process.

12.01.050    Procedures manual for construction of public improvements.

12.01.060    Phased improvements.

12.01.070    Severability.

12.01.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to establish requirements and standards for the design and construction of public works improvements in conjunction with subdivision, development, or redevelopment of real property, and to establish fees for the city engineer’s review of design documents for and inspection of public works improvements. (Ord. 2001-13 § 1, 2001: Ord. 95-6 § 2, 1995).

12.01.020 Applicability—Compliance.

(1)    Any person or entity which undertakes to construct any public works improvement in the city of Yakima, including, without limitation, applicants who are granted a permit or approval that is conditioned on or otherwise requires construction of public works improvements in the city of Yakima, shall comply with the provisions of this chapter.

(2)    Repairs and/or minor alterations to existing curbs or gutters, sidewalks, street pavement, driveway approaches, and alleys are regulated by Title 8 of this code and are excepted from the requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 95-6 § 3, 1995).

12.01.030 Design documents.

(1)    Design documents for design and construction of public works improvements shall, without limitation, include plan drawings and profile drawings, engineering calculations, and specifications. Design documents shall be submitted by the applicant to the city engineer before any construction is started. The city engineer may require the applicant to submit multiple sets of design documents. All drawings shall be of sufficient clarity and detail to indicate the location, nature, and extent of the public works improvements. Design documents shall show in detail that construction work and public works improvements shall conform to applicable laws and regulations including this title. Plans shall be drawn on substantial velum or mylar capable of reproduction on standard engineering reproduction equipment and shall conform to engineering standards satisfactory to the city engineer. Applicants may request to submit design documents on computer media compatible with the city engineer’s data processing system.

(2)    Design documents shall be prepared by a civil engineer licensed by the state of Washington. The city engineer may waive preparation by a licensed civil engineer if the nature of the work contemplated is such that preparation by a licensed civil engineer is not necessary to obtain compliance with applicable laws and regulations including this title. Submittal of appropriate design documents shall not be waived. (Ord. 2001-13 § 2, 2001: Ord. 95-6 § 4, 1995).

12.01.040 Review process.

(1)    The city engineer shall review design documents for public works improvements. No public works improvements may be constructed before appropriate fees are paid and the city engineer has provided written approval of the pertinent design documents. If the city engineer determines that proposed public works improvements and the related design documents conform to applicable requirements including this chapter, then the city engineer shall mark the original design documents “Approved” and affix his/her signature thereto, and these actions shall constitute written approval.

(2)    Proposals will ordinarily be reviewed and inspected in the order they are submitted to the city engineer. An. applicant may request expedited review or inspection; however, an applicant shall have no right to such expedited review or inspection. The city engineer may determine the terms and conditions of such expedited review or inspection, including, without limitation, compensation for city employee overtime work.

(3)    Public works improvements described by approved design documents must be constructed in conformity with the approved design documents and may not be changed, modified or altered without written approval of the city engineer.

(4)    The applicant shall, during construction, maintain a neatly marked, full-sized set of record drawings showing the layout and final location of all public works improvements involved in new construction. Prior to final acceptance by the city of Yakima of public works improvements, reproducible record drawings prepared by the civil engineer of record and clearly identified as record drawings shall be delivered to the city engineer for acceptance.

(5)    The applicant shall submit for written approval by the city engineer a detailed summary of the construction cost of approved public works improvements, which may include the contractor’s bid, the engineer’s estimate, or other items which may assist the city engineer to determine the cost of construction.

(6)    The applicant shall, upon the city engineer’s written approval of completed public works improvements, transfer ownership of such public works improvements to the city of Yakima.

(7)    Final acceptance by the city of Yakima of the actual public works improvements shall not occur before the applicant has satisfied all applicable requirements, including, without limitation, those of this chapter. (Ord. 2001-13 § 3, 2001: Ord. 95-6 § 5, 1995).

12.01.050 Procedures manual for construction of public improvements.

(1)    The city engineer shall establish and maintain a manual describing procedures for the city engineer’s review, permitting and inspection of public improvements constructed by private parties. This manual shall include a schedule of fees for such review, permitting and inspection approved by the city council.

(2)    All public improvements financed by owner/developer private contracts shall comply with this procedures manual.

(3)    The procedures specified in the procedures manual shall apply to public improvements within a subdivision or planned development or other new development or redevelopment. (Ord. 2001-13 § 4, 2001).

12.01.060 Phased improvements.

(1)    The city engineer may determine that actual construction of specified improvements is not immediately useful and may be deferred until a period of time has passed, a development milestone has been reached, or some other event makes actual construction of such specified improvement useful. The person or entity responsible for actual construction of such specified improvements may enter into a written agreement with the city engineer to complete such specified improvements at some later time when, in the judgment of the city engineer, actual construction of such specified improvements will become useful.

(2)    Improvements the city engineer determines will be useful immediately must be constructed as part of the initial phase of a project or development and may not be included in the written agreement allowing specified improvements to be constructed at some later time, and shall be constructed prior to final approval of the initial phase of the proposed development. (Ord. 2001-13 § 6, 2001).

12.01.070 Severability.

If any section, subsection, paragraph, sentence, clause or phrase of this title is declared invalid or unconstitutional for any reason, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this title. (Ord. 2001-13 § 7, 2001: Ord. 95-6 § 7, 1995).