Chapter 12.05


12.05.010    Sidewalk installation required.

12.05.020    Sidewalk location, thickness and width.

12.05.030    Obstructions.

12.05.040    Design approval and adjustment.

12.05.010 Sidewalk installation required.

Sidewalks shall be installed along both sides of all new, improved, and reconstructed streets. Projects which repair small portions of or maintain existing street shall not be considered “improvement” for the purpose of this section and shall not trigger the requirements of this section. Sidewalks shall also be installed across the frontage of all newly developed or redeveloped lots where feasible. (Ord. 2001-13 § 23, 2001: Ord. 98-64 § 1 (part), 1998).

12.05.020 Sidewalk location, thickness and width.

Sidewalks shall be located in the street right-of-way or, when necessary, in a public easement. They shall be constructed of cement concrete and be a minimum of four inches thick. Sidewalks at driveway approaches shall be a minimum of six inches thick. Sidewalks which are in need of repair or replacement may be reconstructed at their existing width. Otherwise, minimum sidewalk width for all new development shall be:

A.    Residential streets

5 feet

B.    Arterial and collector streets

7 feet

C.    Central business district streets

12 feet

On arterial and collector streets five feet of sidewalk may be allowed with two feet of buffer such as planter strip. (Ord. 2001-13 § 24, 2001: Ord. 98-64 § 1 (part), 1998).

12.05.030 Obstructions.

The full width of sidewalks shall be maintained free of any obstructions such as utility poles, meters, or manholes where feasible. (Ord. 2001-13 § 25, 2001).

12.05.040 Design approval and adjustment.

The design of sidewalks and appurtenances is subject to approval of the city engineer. The city engineer may, in cooperation with the streets manager, adjust these standards as necessary to facilitate installation of sidewalks and appurtenances. (Ord. 2001-13 § 26, 2001).