Designated Type 2 Stream Corridors

The following stream reaches within Yakima County are designated critical areas under the City of Yakima’s Critical Areas Ordinance:

1. Bachelor Creek: From source at Ahtanum Creek (SEC13-TWP12N-RGE16 EWM) downstream to its mouth at Ahtanum Creek (SEC1-TWP12N-RGE18E).

2. Cottonwood Canyon Creek: From the south line of SEC32-TWP13N-RGE17E, downstream to mouth at Wide Hollow Creek (SEC36-TWP13N-RGE17E).

3. Hatton Creek: From its source at Ahtanum Creek (SEC18-TWP12N-RGE17) downstream to its confluence with Ahtanum Creek (SEC18-TWP12N-RGE18E).

4. Wide Hollow Creek: From the east line of the SW1/4 of the NW1/4 (SEC28-TWP13N-RGE17E) downstream to the mouth at the Yakima River.

5. Cowiche Creek: that portion which is not designated Type 1.

6. Spring Creek and associated tributaries.

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