Chapter 11.04


11.04.010    Definitions.

11.04.020    Purpose.

11.04.030    Hours.

11.04.040    Park Facilities – Reservations.

11.04.050    Park Facilities – Reserved Areas.

11.04.060    Park Facilities – Religious Services or Group Rallies.

11.04.070    Park Facilities – Building Use Hours.

11.04.080    Park Facilities – Cleanup.

11.04.090    Park Facilities – Liability.

11.04.100    Park Facilities – Liability Insurance.

11.04.110    Adults to Accompany Minors.

11.04.120    Storage of Equipment – Liability of County.

11.04.130    Concessions.

11.04.140    Park Misuse.

11.04.150    Motor Vehicles – Parking.

11.04.160    Motor Vehicles – Speed Limits.

11.04.170    Motor Vehicles – Roads and Trails.

11.04.180    Motor Vehicles – Snow Area.

11.04.190    Motor Vehicles – Trucks and Commercial Vehicles.

11.04.200    Aircraft.

11.04.210    Boating – Generally.

11.04.220    Boating – Commercial Craft Prohibited.

11.04.230    Boating – Moorage.

11.04.240    Camping – Authorization.

11.04.250    Camping – Occupancy Policy.

11.04.260    Swimming – In Designated Areas Only.

11.04.270    Swimming – Rule Obeyance.

11.04.280    Swimming – In Boat Launch Areas Prohibited.

11.04.290    False Alarm of Drowning Prohibited.

11.04.300    Game Fish.

11.04.310    Food Fish.

11.04.320    Mechanical Trapping Devices, Capturing, or Injuring Animals Prohibited.

11.04.330    Picnicking.

11.04.340    Disrobing.

11.04.350    Ice.

11.04.360    Animals in County Park Facilities.

11.04.370    Disturbances by Animals Prohibited.

11.04.380    Horseback Riding – In Designated Areas Only.

11.04.390    Horseback Riding – Reckless Endangerment.

11.04.400    Damage to Park Property Prohibited.

11.04.410    Removal of Park Property.

11.04.420    Rubbish.

11.04.430    Outside Household or Commercial Waste.

11.04.440    Waste from Vehicles.

11.04.450    Food Waste, Washing of Clothes or Animals.

11.04.460    Washing of Vehicles.

11.04.470    Dumping in Water Prohibited.

11.04.480    Solicitation.

11.04.490    Fireworks.

11.04.500    Firearms.

11.04.510    Alcoholic Beverages – Generally.

11.04.520    Alcoholic Beverages – Permits.

11.04.530    Alcoholic Beverages – Minors.

11.04.540    Fires.

11.04.550    Area Closures.

11.04.560    Drugs.

11.04.570    Violation – Penalty.

11.04.010 Definitions.

Whenever used in this title the following items shall be defined as indicated in this section:

(1)    “Agreements” means any and all written agreements between a person or persons and the department for the purpose of specific use of certain department facilities.

(2)    “Aircraft” means any machine or device designed to travel through the air, such as an airplane, helicopter, balloon, glider, ultra-light, etc.

(3)    “Alcoholic beverages” or “liquor” includes the four varieties of liquor herein defined (alcohol, spirits, wine and beer) and all fermented, spirituous, vinous, or malt liquor, or otherwise intoxicating beverages; and every liquor or solid or semisolid or other substance, patented or not, containing alcohol, spirits, wine or beer, and all drinks or drinkable liquids and all preparations or mixtures capable of human consumption, and any liquor, semisolid, solid or other substance, which contains more than one percent alcohol by weight shall be conclusively deemed to be intoxicating.

(4)    “Board” means the current and duly elected Yakima board of county commissioners.

(5)    “Boat” means any floating device, powered by internal combustion engine or human power, capable of traveling on or under water.

(6)    “Camper” means a motorized vehicle containing sleeping and/or housekeeping accommodations, and shall include a pickup truck with camper, a van-type body, a converted bus, or any similar type vehicle;

(7)    “Camping” means erecting a tent or shelter or arranging bedding or both, for the purpose of, or in such a way as will permit remaining overnight, or parking a trailer, camper, or other vehicle for the purpose of remaining overnight.

(8)    “Department” means the Yakima County parks department.

(9)    “Director” means the director of the Yakima County parks department.

(10)    “Discrimination” means any action or practice which prohibits participants based on sex, age, race, color, national origin, marital status, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical handicap.

(11)    “Drugs” means any mind or mood altering substance which is illegal for consumption.

(12)    “Facilities” means any building, structure, roadway, trail, path, equipment or area operated by the Yakima County parks department.

(13)    “Facility manager” means duly appointed Yakima County parks employee serving as a manager of a county park.

(14)    “Fee” means the currently adopted fee schedule for use of Yakima County park facilities.

(15)    “Motor vehicle” means any self-propelled device capable of being moved upon a road, and in, upon, or by which any persons or property may be transported or drawn, and shall include, but not be limited to, four-wheel drive vehicles, two-wheel drive vehicles, three-wheelers, motorcycles, and snowmobiles, whether or not they can legally be operated upon the public highways, whether licensed or unlicensed.

(16)    “Permit” means any and all permits, licenses, or approvals required by federal or state law, or required by county ordinance or the Yakima County parks department.

(17)    “Person” means all natural persons, firms, partnerships, corporations, clubs and all associations or combination of persons whenever acting for themselves or by an agent, servant, or employee.

(18)    “Reservation” means any and all written reservations for a person or persons for the purpose of specific use of certain department facilities.

(19)    “Rocket” means any device containing a combustible substance which when ignited propels the device forward or upward.

(20)    “Trail” means any path or track designed for use of pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, jeeps or equestrians; and which is not of sufficient width, nor graded or paved with concrete, asphalt, gravel or similar substance, so as to permit its use by standard passenger automobiles, or other right-of-way specifically designated and posted for nonvehicular use.

(21)    “Trailer” means a towed vehicle which contains sleeping, housekeeping accommodations or material transporting capabilities.

(22)    “Yakima County park area” means any area under the ownership, management, or control of the Yakima County parks department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.020 Purpose.

The park playgrounds, passive use areas, special use areas, roads, paths, trails, activity centers and other park facilities of the department are established by law for public recreation purposes. Public recreation consists of passive use, appropriate to the facility, initiated by individuals, families or small groups with or without reservations and permits; or, large group activities planned by groups and brought under the control of the department when authorized by and conducted under reservation, permit, agreement or contract with the department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.030 Hours.

The director shall establish for each Yakima County park area according to existing conditions, times and periods when the park area will be open or closed to the public. Such times and periods shall be posted at the entrance to the Yakima county park area affected and at the park office. Park hours are subject to current conditions and may vary by season. Park front gates and offices may be open during normal business hours but the park area may be closed to public use when so posted. No person shall enter or be present at a Yakima County park area after closing time, or when the park area is closed, except persons camping in a designated camping area who have paid the applicable use fee; or persons who have a reservation or are associated with the person or persons having a reservation at a department facility.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.040 Park Facilities – Reservations.

A person or persons may make application to reserve department facilities for specific uses and for specific periods of time. Reservations are made through the facility manager or the department office. The department reservation procedure is:

(1)    All applications are subject to current department rules, regulations, policies and fee schedules.

(2)    All applications are on a first-come first-serve basis. Some facilities are not subject to reservations and are so posted on a map at the facility and department office.

(3)    The county parks department reserves the right to deny use of any park facility to any person, persons or group, and reserves the right to require additional damage deposit, health, safety and law enforcement coverage for the reserved facility at the applicant’s expense, for reasonable cause.

(4)    No reservation will be guaranteed or effective until an appropriate fee is received by the department, all required permits are secured and all additional department requirements have been satisfied.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.050 Park Facilities – Reserved Areas.

Any area or facility within the boundary of any park which has been reserved for any person or persons may not be used by others during the reservation. No equipment in the reserved area may be moved or removed from said area the day of the reservation.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.060 Park Facilities – Religious Services or Group Rallies.

Religious services or group rallies may be permitted in Yakima County park areas where, in the opinion of the director, facilities are adequate, and such activities will not conflict in any way with normal park usage. To avoid conflict, permission for such activities must be obtained in advance from the director. Written permission for the use of loudspeakers by groups must be obtained in advance. No live bands or musical groups are allowed to perform in Yakima County parks where attendance of the general public is expected to exceed two hundred fifty people without first complying with Chapter 8.10 of this code.*

(Ord. 1-1995 §1, 1995: Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

*    Editor’s Note: As passed, Section 1 of Ord. 1-1995 contained a reference to “Section 8.10.050." Reference to that section was editorially changed to Chapter 8.10, since Section 8.10.010 refers only to permit duties on the county board of commissioners.

11.04.070 Park Facilities – Building Use Hours.

Activities for groups using the facilities shall normally begin after ten a.m. and cease at ten p.m. unless otherwise approved on the reservation or agreement. Groups must agree to vacate the facility by twelve midnight.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.080 Park Facilities – Cleanup.

All groups must leave the facility or area in a condition considered satisfactory to the manager in charge. No group shall conduct activities which are likely to cause extra custodial work unless previous arrangements have been made to pay for such work and are so stated in the reservation agreement. Causing extra custodial work without previous arrangements may subject the group to mandatory cleanup fees if the cost of cleanup exceeds the cleaning and damage deposit paid with the reservation application.

(Ord. 1-1995 §2, 1995: Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.090 Park Facilities – Liability.

A person or persons using facilities by reservation or agreement may be required to protect and save Yakima County, its elected and appointed officials and employees while acting within the scope of their duties as such, harmless from and against all claims, demands, and causes of action of any kind or character, including the cost of defense thereof, arising in favor of the persons, employees or third parties on account of personal injuries, death or damage to property arising out of the premises, or in any way arising out of the acts or omissions of the person and/or his agents, employees or representatives. Users of any and all Yakima County park facilities or areas do so at their own risk. Yakima County assumes no liability or responsibility due to accidents or injury through authorized or unauthorized use of department facilities.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.100 Park Facilities – Liability Insurance.

A person or persons using facilities by reservation or agreement may be required to obtain and maintain during all periods of use public liability insurance acceptable to the county and/or other insurance necessary to protect the public and county on premises reserved, with coverage of liability not less than combined single-limit personal injury and/or personal property damage liability of a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars per occurrence. Alcohol may only be served at the event by permission of the parks director, in which case the insurance binder, policy, or certificate shall clearly state that alcohol use coverage is included. The group shall provide a certificate of insurance or an insurance binder prior to the reservation and upon written request of the county, a duplicate of the policy, as evidence of the insurance protection provided. This insurance shall not be canceled or reduced without prior written consent of the county.

(Ord. 1-1995 §3, 1995: Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.110 Adults to Accompany Minors.

At all assemblies of minors, responsible adults must be present throughout the entire function.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.120 Storage of Equipment – Liability of County.

Groups using facilities should not expect special equipment or storage space for equipment necessary for their activity. If temporary storage is provided, Yakima County cannot be held responsible for loss through theft or fire. Yakima County insurance covers county-owned equipment only.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.130 Concessions.

Yakima County reserves all concession rights in county-owned parks. Nonprofit groups and organizations may sell or arrange for a concessionaire to sell concessions to members of their group or organization using a park facility and to spectators at that facility provided that arrangements and fees to the department are agreed upon in writing prior to the event(s).

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.140 Park Misuse.

The misuse of a park facility or the failure to conform with these regulations will be sufficient reason for denying any future application for use of park facilities.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.150 Motor Vehicles – Parking.

No operator of any automobile, trailer, camper, boat trailer, or other motor vehicle, shall park such vehicle in any Yakima County park area other than designated motor vehicle parking area, except where the operator is using the area for a designated recreational purpose and the vehicle is parked either in a designated parking area for the event, or in another area with the permission of the facility manager. No person shall park, leave standing, or abandon a motor vehicle, camper or trailer, in any Yakima County park area after closing time, except when camping in a designated area, or with permission of the manager. Any vehicle found parked in violation of this section may be towed away at the owner’s or operator’s expense.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.160 Motor Vehicles – Speed Limits.

No person shall drive a motor vehicle within any Yakima County park area at a speed greater than ten miles per hour or as otherwise posted, having due regard for the traffic on, and the surface and width of the road, and in no event at a speed which endangers the safety of persons, property, or wildlife. Exception: Specific types of motor vehicles may travel at other than posted speed limits only when operated on tracks or other use areas specifically designed and managed for this special use.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.170 Motor Vehicles – Roads and Trails.

No person shall operate any motor vehicle on a trail in any Yakima County park area unless such trail has been specifically designated and posted for such use. Subject to the provisions of this section, no person shall operate a motor vehicle within the boundaries of a Yakima County park area except on roads, streets, highways, parking lots, or parking area; provided that traveling upon such roads, streets, highways, parking lots, or parking areas has not been prohibited by proper posting. Specific operator and vehicle safety equipment is required at park facilities specifically posted and used for motor vehicle recreational activities.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.180 Motor Vehicles – Snow Area.

Motor vehicles with two- or four-wheel drive may operate upon roads within the boundaries of any Yakima County park area when such roads are covered with snow or ice. Snowmobiles are not allowed on park roads, trails, paths or areas, except in posted designated areas allowing such usage.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.190 Motor Vehicles – Trucks and Commercial Vehicles.

No person shall cause a truck or other vehicle while being used for commercial purposes to enter upon, use, or traverse any portion of any Yakima County park area or any park road therein except in the service of the department at the request of the employees of the department or by express permission of the director for a special activity not inconsistent with Yakima County park use; provided, that, the provisions of this section shall not apply to county roads or state highways.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.200 Aircraft.

(1)    Aircraft Landing. No aircraft shall land or take off from any body of water or land area in a Yakima County park area not specifically designated for such use.

(2)    Model Aircraft and Rockets.

(a)    No one shall fly rockets or model aircraft in any Yakima County park area except in areas specifically designated and/or posted for that purpose;

(b)    All engines over .25 C.I. used in model aircraft being flown in designated Yakima County park areas shall be muffled;

(c)    All persons flying model aircraft in designated Yakima County park areas shall abide by the official AMA Safety Code;

(d)    All persons desiring to shoot model rockets in a Yakima County park area shall obtain permission to do so from the manager or in a park where there is no manager, from the director.

(3)    Hot Air Balloons. No person shall fly or land hot air balloons in any Yakima County park unless authorized to do so by the department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.210 Boating – Generally.

Boat Launching In Designated Areas Only. No person shall launch a boat in any Yakima County park except in areas specifically designated and/or marked for that purpose. The department shall determine appropriate boats for specific water areas and post this determination. No other boats shall be allowed in or on these designated waterways. The department shall prescribe how and where rental water craft may be used. Such rules will be posted.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.220 Boating – Commercial Craft Prohibited.

Use of county boat launchings by commercial craft is prohibited. For the purpose of this rule commercial craft means craft used for any commercial purpose.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.230 Boating – Moorage.

No person or persons shall moor, anchor, dock or berth a boat or other object overnight in a Yakima County park area unless designated for such use by the department. No more than three boats or other objects may be tied or rafted together when moored, docked or berthed adjacent to a dock, pier or float in a Yakima County park area. No person or persons shall moor, dock, or berth a boat or other object to a log boom or float line which delineates a swimming area in a Yakima County park area.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.240 Camping – Authorization.

No person shall camp in any Yakima County park area except when specifically authorized by the facility manager or the director.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.250 Camping – Occupancy Policy.

Occupancy of camping facilities shall be limited to the conditions of the group reservation, agreement, or contract; or limited to occupancy related to an event and so posted at the park.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.260 Swimming – In Designated Areas Only.

Swimming shall only be permitted within areas marked with buoys, log booms, or other markers, which clearly designate swimming boundaries. Playing games and general horseplay in swimming areas is prohibited.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.270 Swimming – Rule Obeyance.

All persons using any designated swimming area shall obey all posted beach rules and/or instructions of facility manager or other department employees.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.280 Swimming – In Boat Launch Areas Prohibited.

No person shall swim or sunbathe in any designated boat launching area.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.290 False Alarm of Drowning Prohibited.

No person shall give or transmit a false signal or false alarm of drowning.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.300 Game Fish.

All laws, rules and regulations of the State Game Commission relating to season, limits, and methods of fishing are applicable to fishing for game fish in Yakima County park areas. No person may fish for, or possess any fish taken from any dam, dike, bridge, dock, boatlanding, or beach, which is posted with a sign prohibiting fishing.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.310 Food Fish.

All laws, rules and regulations of the State Department of Fisheries relating to season, limits, and methods of taking are applicable to the taking of food fish in Yakima County park areas except that in addition to such laws, the department, upon its finding and for good cause may close certain Yakima County park areas for specific periods of time, to the taking of fish. Such closed areas shall be posted.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.320 Mechanical Trapping Devices, Capturing, or Injuring Animals Prohibited.

The use of a mechanical trapping device within any Yakima County park is prohibited. A mechanical trapping device shall be defined as any device, such as a snare or machine that shuts suddenly, as with a spring, upon contact by an animal, or a device which kills, inflicts physical pain and injury upon a captured animal. The act of capturing an animal by other than lawfully sanctioned means and without the approval of the director and State Game Department, Humane Society or animal control official, is prohibited. Animals which are in the park shall not be teased, harassed, or otherwise treated in a cruel or inhumane manner.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.330 Picnicking.

Picnicking is permitted only in designated and marked picnic areas, or in such other places within a Yakima County park area as may from time to time be designated for such use by a facility manager or the director.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.340 Disrobing.

(1)    No person shall disrobe in public in any Yakima County park area.

(2)    Clothing sufficient to conform to community standards shall be worn at all times.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.350 Ice.

No person shall go out onto ice in any Yakima County park or park area, except in areas specifically designated for that purpose. This includes but is not limited to lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, and other bodies of standing water.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.360 Animals in County Park Facilities.

(1)    Animals, except those considered dangerous or destructive are permitted in any Yakima County park provided that the animals must be kept on a leash or other restraining device and under control at all times. This regulation may be waived by the director for special events conducted by organized groups.

(2)    Any person with an animal in his possession in any park shall be responsible for both the conduct of the animal and for removing from the park grounds feces deposited by such animal.

(3)    No animals shall be allowed in any bodies of water managed by the department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.370 Disturbances by Animals Prohibited.

No person shall allow his animal to bite or in any way molest or annoy other park visitors. No person shall permit his animal to make disturbing noises or otherwise disturb the peace and tranquility of the park.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.380 Horseback Riding – In Designated Areas Only.

No horses shall be permitted in any Yakima County park area, except where designated and posted to specifically permit such activity. Horses shall not be permitted in any designated swimming area, campground, picnic area or lawn area.

(Ord. 3-1984 (.part), 1984).

11.04.390 Horseback Riding – Reckless Endangerment.

No person shall ride any horse or other animal in such a manner that might endanger life or limb of any person or animal, and no person shall allow a horse or other animal to stand unattended or insecurely tied.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.400 Damage to Park Property Prohibited.

No person shall cut down, destroy or in any way injure or damage any shrub, tree, vine, grain, grass or crop, standing or growing or which has been cut down, in any Yakima County park area unless authorized to do so by the department. No person shall deface, damage or destroy any property, material, equipment or facility which is under the jurisdiction of the department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.410 Removal of Park Property.

No person shall change the position of or remove any property, material, or equipment from its original position on or from any area under the jurisdiction of the Yakima County parks department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.420 Rubbish.

No person shall leave, deposit, drop or scatter bottles, broken glass, ashes, waste paper, cans or other rubbish, in a Yakima County park area, except in a garbage can or other receptacle designated for such purposes.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.430 Outside Household or Commercial Waste.

No person shall deposit any household or commercial garbage, refuse, waste, or rubbish which is brought as such from any private property, in any Yakima County park area garbage can or other receptacle designated for rubbish collection.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.440 Waste From Vehicles.

No person shall in any Yakima County park area, drain or dump refuse, oil, gas or waste from any trailer, camper, automobile, or other vehicle, except in designated disposal areas or receptacles.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.450 Food Waste, Washing of Clothes or Animals.

No person shall clean fish or other food, or wash any clothing or other articles for personal or household use, or any animal, except at designated areas in any Yakima County park area.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.460 Washing of Vehicles.

No person shall clean or wash any automobile or other vehicle in any Yakima County park area except in areas specifically designated for that use.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.470 Dumping in Water Prohibited.

No person shall pollute, or in any way contaminate by dumping or otherwise depositing therein any waste or refuse of any nature, kind or description, including human or bodily waste, in any stream, river, lake or other body of water running in, through or adjacent to any Yakima County park area.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.480 Solicitation.

No person shall solicit, sell, or peddle any goods, wares, merchandise, liquids, or edibles for human consumption or distribute or post any handbills, circulars, or signs, or use any loudspeakers or other amplifying device in any Yakima County park area, except by concession contract or by permission by the Department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.490 Fireworks.

No person shall possess, discharge, set off, or cause to be discharged in or into any Yakima County park area, any firecracker, torpedoes, rockets, fireworks, explosives, or substance harmful to the life or safety of persons or property, unless so authorized by the department.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.500 Firearms.

No person shall discharge across, in, or into any Yakima County park area a firearm, bow and arrow, or air or gas operated weapon, or any device capable of injuring or killing any person or animal, or damaging or destroying any public or private property, except where the department for good cause has authorized a special recreational firearm activity upon finding that it is not inconsistent with Yakima County park use and such use is confined to a designated area so posted for such use.

(Ord. 7-2010 § 2, 2010: Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.510 Alcoholic Beverages – Generally.

The opening and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages in a county park area or on any property owned, operated and/or managed by the Yakima Greenway Foundation and its successors and assigns within the unincorporated area of Yakima County is prohibited unless the consumption of alcohol in these areas is approved in advance by the parks director or his designee and the county sheriff, and conforms to the requirements of the Washington State Liquor Control Board.

(Ord. 1-1995 §4, 1995: Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.520 Alcoholic Beverages – Permits.

A Washington State Liquor Control Board banquet permit is required for consumption of alcoholic beverages at any Yakima County park facility.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.530 Alcoholic Beverages – Minors.

No person who has not reached his or her twenty-first birthday shall be in possession of or consume of any alcoholic beverage in a Yakima County park facility or area.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.540 Fires.

Open fires and portable units using flammable material are restricted to designated park areas, fireplaces, fire rings or grills.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.550 Area Closures.

Areas designated by signs or barricades are closed to public access or use.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.560 Drugs.

No individual or group shall possess, sell or consume any illegal drugs at any Yakima County park facilities.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).

11.04.570 Violation – Penalty.

Every person who violates any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction, be punished by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars and/or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than ninety days. In addition, every person failing to comply with any provision of this chapter shall be subject to immediate ejection from the Yakima County park area. The Yakima County parks director, parks department employees, and other law enforcement officers are authorized and directed to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

(Ord. 3-1984 (part), 1984).