Chapter 13.25


13.25.010    Violations.

13.25.015    Notice of Violation.

13.25.020    Penalties.

13.25.025    Codes Preserved.

13.25.010 Violations.

Any person, firm, or corporation violating any of the provisions of this Title, including the provisions of the various Codes adopted by reference therein, or failing to comply therewith, or violating or failing to comply with any order issued or made pursuant to its provisions shall severally and for each and every violation and non-compliance respectively, be deemed responsible for committing the violation or act and is subject to any penalty provided by law and/or as provided for under YCC Title 21 – Code Enforcement.

(Ord. 4-2021 § 2, 2021).

13.25.015 Notice of Violation.

The code enforcement official, building official, or his designee, and the fire marshal, or his designee, are authorized to serve a notice of violation or order on the property owner and other person responsible for committing or causing to be committed an unlawful act in violation of the provisions of the codes adopted in this title, or in violation of a permit or certificate issued under the provisions of the codes adopted in this title. The notice shall follow the noticing requirements as listed in YCC Title 21, Chapter 21.03 – Notices.

Failure to Commence Work. Whenever the required repair, removal, or demolition is not commenced within 30 days after any final notice and order issued under this code becomes effective:

1.    The building official may cause the building described in such notice and order to be vacated by posting at each entrance thereto a notice and order reading:



It is a misdemeanor to occupy this building, or to remove or deface this notice.

Building Official

____ of ____

2.    No person shall occupy any building which has been posted as specified in this subsection. No person shall remove or deface any such notice so posted until the repairs, demolition or removal ordered by the building official have been completed and a Certificate of Occupancy issued pursuant to the provisions of the Building Code.

3.    The building official may, in addition to any other remedy herein provided, cause the building to be repaired to the extent necessary to correct the conditions which render the building unfit for human habitation, unsafe, or dangerous as set forth in the notice and order; or, if the property has been declared a public nuisance, to cause the nuisance to be removed to render the property in compliance with this code. Any such repair, removal or demolition work shall be accomplished and the cost thereof paid and recovered in the manner hereinafter provided in this code. Any surplus realized from the sale of any such building, or from the demolition thereof, over and above the cost of demolition and of cleaning the lot, shall be paid over to the person or persons lawfully entitled thereto.

(Ord. 4-2021 § 2, 2021).

13.25.020 Penalties.

Any person who violates a provision of the codes adopted by this title or fails to comply with any of the requirements thereof or who erects, constructs, alters or repairs a building or structure in violation of the approved construction documents or directive or order of the building official, or of a permit or certificate issued under the provisions of the codes adopted by this title, or a notice of a violation or order to comply served in accordance with YCC Title 21 shall be subject to penalties outlined in YCC Title 21, Chapter 21.04 – Penalties.

(Ord. 4-2021 § 2, 2021).

13.25.025 Codes Preserved.

Except as otherwise inconsistent with this Chapter, the provisions of the Codes adopted by reference in this Title pertaining to violations shall remain in full force and effect.

(Ord. 4-2021 § 2, 2021).