Chapter 14.32


14.32.010    Permit requirements.

14.32.020    Permit application and fee.

14.32.030    Permit conditions.

14.32.010 Permit requirements.

No person shall undertake a land development, redevelopment or property land division activity subject to the requirements of this Title 14 without receiving a permit from the city prior to commencing the proposed land development, redevelopment or land division activity. (Ord. 1749 § 1 (part), 2000)

14.32.020 Permit application and fee.

A.    1.    Any person desiring a permit shall submit to the city a permit application made on a form provided by the city. The application must be accompanied by the site-specific stormwater management plan required under the provisions of this title; a signed stormwater maintenance agreement; the financial guarantee required under the provisions of this title; and a nonrefundable permit administration fee as listed in Section 3.28.010. Failure to provide a complete application will result in rejection of such application. Nonrefundable permit administration fees shall be required with each subsequent application.

2.    A minor stormwater management plan application does not need to comply with application submission requirements of subsection (A)(1) of this section except for permit administration fees.

B.    The city engineer shall review the application for compliance with the requirements of this title and shall inform the applicant whether the plan and financial guarantee are approved or disapproved. If an application is approved, the permit shall be issued by the city engineer. If the application is disapproved, the applicant shall be advised in writing of the reasons for disapproval. If the application is disapproved because the proposed changes would require a full stormwater management plan instead of a minor stormwater management plan, the application fee for a minor plan shall be applied to the required fee for a stormwater management plan. (Ord. 2440-15 §§ 9—11, 2015: Ord. 2112-07 § 8, 2007; Ord. 1749 § 1 (part), 2000)

14.32.030 Permit conditions.

All permits issued under this title shall be subject to the following conditions and holders of permits issued under this title shall be deemed to have accepted these conditions. The city may suspend or revoke a permit for violation of a permit condition following written notification to the permit holder.

A.    Compliance with a permit issued under this title does not relieve the permit holder of responsibility to comply with other applicable federal, state and municipal laws and regulations.

B.    The permit holder shall properly install all structural and nonstructural stormwater management measures recommended in the approved site-specific stormwater management plan.

C.    The permit holder shall notify the city at least three working days before commencing any work to implement the approved site-specific stormwater management plan, and within the next working day upon completion of the work.

D.    Upon completion of the stormwater management facilities and other measures required by the approved plan, the city shall conduct an inspection of those facilities and measures to determine if they were constructed in accordance with the approved plan and the requirements of this title. The city shall notify the permit holder in writing of any changes required in the facilities and measures to bring them into compliance with the approved plan and the requirements of this title.

E.    Inspection Log. The permit holder shall provide a qualified professional to conduct inspections and maintain an inspection log for the site. All best management practices shall be inspected within twenty-four (24) hours after each rain event of 0.5 inch or more that results in runoff, or at least once each week. The inspection log shall include the name of the inspector, the date and time of inspection, a description of the present phase of construction, the findings of the inspection, including an assessment of the condition of erosion and sediment control measures and the installation of stormwater management BMPs, and any action needed or taken to comply with the ordinance codified in this chapter. The inspection log shall also include a record of BMP maintenance and repairs conducted under subsection F below. The permit holder shall maintain a copy of the inspection log at the construction site. The city may view or obtain a copy at any time during normal business hours until permit termination under subsection F below.

F.    BMP Maintenance. The permit holder shall maintain and repair all best management practices within twenty-four (24) hours of inspection, or upon notification by the city, unless the city approves a longer period due to weather conditions. All BMP maintenance shall be in accordance with approved plans and applicable technical standards until the site is stabilized. The permit holder, upon approval by the city, shall remove all temporary erosion control practices such as silt fence. The permit holder, in accordance with approved plans and applicable technical standards, shall maintain permanent stormwater management practices until maintenance responsibility is transferred to another party or unit of government pursuant to the recorded Stormwater Maintenance Agreement.

G.    Upon final approval of the constructed stormwater management facilities, the developer or subdivider shall have an “as-built” plan prepared by a licensed professional engineer or registered land surveyor correctly showing the locations, configurations and elevations of the completed facilities and measures. The “as-built” plan shall be prepared to the same scale, contour interval and vertical datum as the approved site-specific stormwater management plan and shall be subject to the approval of the city. Any construction bond or letter of credit shall be withheld until an approved as-built plan has been submitted to, and approved by, the city.

H.    If so directed by the city, the permit holder shall repair at the permit holder’s own expense any and all damage to adjoining municipal facilities and drainageways caused by stormwater runoff where such damage was caused by activities not in compliance with the approved site-specific stormwater management plan.

I.    The permit holder shall permit access to the site and property concerned by the city for the purpose of inspecting the stormwater management facilities and measures for compliance with the approved site-specific stormwater management plan.

J.    Where a site-specific stormwater management plan proposes changes in the direction, in the peak rates, or in the total volume of runoff from a site, the city may require the permit holder to make appropriate legal arrangements with adjacent property owners concerning the prevention of damage to property or danger to public health and safety. (Ord. 2112-07 § 9, 2007; Ord. 1749 § 1 (part), 2000)