Chapter 17.104


17.104.010    Building must be on a lot.

17.104.030    No undesirable structures.

17.104.040    Storage of uncovered equipment or materials.

17.104.050    Building grade.

17.104.060    Preservation of topography.

17.104.070    Prohibited practices.

17.104.010 Building must be on a lot.

Every building hereafter erected, structurally altered or moved from one location to another in the City shall be located on a lot. (Ord. 2836-23 § 3, 2023; Ord. 2362-14 § 1, 2014: prior code § 17.06(1))

17.104.030 No undesirable structures.

No building shall be erected, structurally altered or moved from one location to another in the city which shall be of such character as to adversely affect the property values and general desirability of the neighborhood.

A.    The building inspector shall submit any such case in question to the plan commission for their determination.

B.    The plan commission shall base its determination upon the following considerations:

1.    Design or appearance of such unorthodox or abnormal character in relation to the surroundings as to be considered unsightly or offensive to the degree that would have a substantial adverse effect on property values in the neighborhood;

2.    Identical design and appearance with adjoining buildings to the degree that monotony and commonness could have an adverse effect on the property values and general desirability of the neighborhood.

C.    The decision of the plan commission shall be stated in writing including the reason for refusing a permit or any conditions of approval. (Prior code § 17.06(3))

17.104.040 Storage of uncovered equipment or materials.

On property where the storage of equipment or materials is otherwise permitted, such storage out of doors shall be so located or so arranged as to not adversely affect the property values and general desirability of the neighborhood. The building inspector or any affected property owner may present such a case, in writing, to the plan commission for determination, and a copy of such presentation shall be mailed to the alleged violator of this provision at least ten days prior to the plan commission meeting thereon and he shall be permitted to present evidence in defense of his storage arrangement. The plan commission shall be entitled to issue written orders stating the manner and time in which such storage shall be enclosed or rearranged or relocated so as to eliminate such adverse effect. Disobedience of any such order shall subject the violator to the penalties provided in Section 17.08.090. (Prior code § 17.06(4))

17.104.050 Building grade.

Every building hereafter erected, structurally altered or moved from one location to another in the city shall be at a grade established and approved by the engineering department. A proposed building grade shall be approved if it is:

A.    In conformity with the established street grade, if any, and, if not, with the existing street grade. Where a lot abuts on two or more streets or alleys having different average established street grades, the higher of such grades shall control only for a depth of one hundred twenty (120) feet from the line of the average established street grade;

B.    Such that there is no probability of damage resulting to the building or to any other building on the lot or on an abutting property by reason of the combined effect of the proposed grade and the already existing grades of buildings on the lot or on abutting property;

C.    Such that erosion will be avoided as far as practicable;

D.    Such that no unreasonable hazard to traffic or streets will result. (Ord. 1709 § 1, 1999; prior code § 17.06(5))

17.104.060 Preservation of topography.

In order to protect the property owner from possible damage due to change in the existing grade of adjoining lands and to aid in preserving and protecting the natural beauty and character of the landscape, no change in the existing topography of any land shall be made which would result in raising or lowering the elevation at any point by more than one-fourth of the number of feet by which such point is removed from the nearest property line, except with the approval of the plan commission. (Prior code § 17.06(6))

17.104.070 Prohibited practices.

No person shall use a business, industrial or commercial property, except in accordance with the provisions of the location, and plan and method of operation approved by the plan commission and the council. The use of setback, offset or parking area for any use not approved is prohibited. The following uses are specifically prohibited:

A.    The parking of semi-trailer trucks on the parking lots of shopping centers or other commercial properties for the sale of food or other commodities or products therefrom;

B.    The regular parking of dump trucks or used cars on automobile service station sites;

C.    The installation of milk or food coolers on automobile service station sites and the sale of milk or food products therefrom.

This enumeration is not exclusive; provided, this prohibition shall not extend to farmers or truck gardeners who sell farm products grown by themselves, as provided in Section 440.87, Wisconsin Statutes; however, such farmers and truck gardeners shall not continue to stop or park on a site where the police department determines that traffic is obstructed or other dangers to safety created, and orders such stopping and parking to be terminated. (Amended during 1/21/16 update; prior code § 17.06(7))