Chapter 17.64


17.64.010    Use regulations.

17.64.020    Building and parking locations.

17.64.030    Height regulations.

17.64.040    Area regulations.

17.64.010 Use regulations.

A.    Permitted Uses. Subject to all approvals and conditions required by Chapter 17.100 and the provisions of this district, the permitted uses shall be:

1.    Any use permitted in a general business district, except a used car lot or restaurant not meeting the conditions of subsection (A)(2)(b) of this section.

2.    The following businesses of a more general nature, normally serving a regional area or facilities for transients:

a.    Motels and hotels;

b.    Shopping centers, including limited food establishments, low-intensity restaurants, restaurants permitted in a local business district, and casual dining restaurants with pickup window located therein as an integral part thereof, to serve the patrons and employees of such shopping center and the surrounding neighborhood including outdoor seating not exceeding twenty-five (25) percent of the indoor seating capacity. Traffic circulation and impacts, location and operating hours of outdoor seating, and adequacy of parking shall be considered as part of the review and plan and method of operation. Delivery service shall meet intensive use regulations. This permission shall not include freestanding restaurants, except under a special exception granted by the council in accordance with the standards applicable thereto;

c.    Automobile service stations, subject to the regulations set forth in Chapter 17.60;

d.    Florist shops, greenhouses, garden supplies for retail trade;

e.    Animal hospitals/clinics, veterinary hospitals/clinics, animal hospices, and kennels. Emergency animal hospitals/clinics and emergency veterinary hospitals/clinics only as intensive uses;

f.    Tourist homes;

g.    Automobile service shop conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building and as one integrated business operation;

h.    Theaters, indoor;

i.    Manufacturing or processing which is clearly incidental to retail use permitted;

j.    Wholesale establishments;

k.    Signs;

l.    Other similar uses as recommended by the plan commission and authorized by the council;

m.    Bus terminal, railroad passenger, or any other transportation terminal facility;

n.    Hospitals;

o.    Residential care facilities;

p.    Municipal or privately owned recreation buildings or community centers that are located on parcels greater than one hundred twenty thousand (120,000) square feet in size.

B.    General Regulations.

1.    All uses shall be conducted wholly inside a building or buildings as one integrated business operation except outdoor seating for a restaurant or tavern as approved under this district’s regulations. No storage of goods, materials, supplies, equipment or stock-in-trade shall be permitted out of doors except the storing of living shrubs, trees, plants and flowers and items normally sold in the operation of a retail garden center which are not in bulk and not of an odorous nature. The determination of such items normally sold shall be made by the plan commission.

2.    Residences located only in conjunction with motels, hotels, tourist homes and animal hospitals and kennels. (Ord. 2606-20 § 14, 2020; amended during 1/21/16 update; Ord. 2325-13 § 6, 2013; Ord. 2263-11 § 4, 2011; Ord. 2251-11 §§ 8, 9, 2011; Ord. 1972-04 § 3, 2004: prior code § 17.36(1))

17.64.020 Building and parking locations.

A.    Setback: one hundred (100) feet minimum, except off-street parking conforming to Section 17.120.010 may be in the setback, except the front twenty-five (25) feet thereof.

B.    Offset: twenty-five (25) feet for buildings; ten feet for parking except where the property is adjacent to residential where the offset shall be twenty-five (25) feet on the side or rear adjacent to the residential district, and for intensive uses as specified in Section 17.108.090. Where an existing parking offset is less than twenty-five (25) feet and an addition to the existing parking area is proposed, the offset for the addition may be less than twenty-five (25) feet but greater than ten feet and shall be landscaped with a continuous year-round landscape screen, consisting of a combination of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, shall be installed and maintained to a minimum height of twelve (12) feet for the full depth of a ten-foot offset.

C.    Accessory structures with foundations in association with the creation of “third places” within the building setback include pergolas, permanent seating, band shells, decks, gazebos or similar structure as determined by the plan commission. (Ord. 2296-12 § 4, 2012; prior code § 17.36(2))

17.64.030 Height regulations.

A.    Principal building: thirty-five (35) feet maximum.

B.    Accessory buildings: fifteen (15) feet maximum. (Prior code § 17.36(3))

17.64.040 Area regulations.

A.    Floor Area.

1.    Minimum required: none.

2.    Maximum FAR permitted: thirty (30) percent including accessory buildings.

B.    Lot Size.

1.    Minimum area: one hundred twenty thousand (120,000) feet.

2.    Minimum average width: three hundred (300) feet.

C.    Lot Coverage and Landscape Surface Ratio (LSR).

1.    Maximum lot coverage: seventy (70) percent all buildings and impervious surfaces.

2.    Minimum LSR: thirty (30) percent. (Prior code § 17.36(4))