Statutory References for Wisconsin Cities

The statutory references listed below refer the code user to state statutes applicable to Wisconsin cities. They are up to date through July 2016.

General Provisions


WSA Ch. 62

Code of ordinances

WSA 66.0103

Elections generally

WSA Chs. 512

Home rule

Wis. Const. Art. XI § 3

Municipal administrative procedure

WSA Ch. 68

Municipal powers

WSA 66.0101 et seq.

Ordinance violation procedures and penalties

WSA 66.0109 et seq.

Administration and Personnel

City council

WSA 62.11

City officers

WSA 62.09

Municipal courts

WSA Ch. 755

Municipal officers and employees generally

WSA 66.0501 et seq.

Police and fire departments

WSA 62.13

Public records

WSA 19.21 et seq.

Revenue and Finance

City finance

WSA 62.12

Municipal finance and revenue

WSA 66.0601 et seq.

Room tax

WSA 66.0615

Special assessments

WSA 66.0701 et seq.

Business Licenses, Taxes and Regulations

Alcoholic beverages

WSA Ch. 125

Amusement places

WSA 175.20


WSA 66.0815

Malt beverages

WSA 125.25 et seq.

Mobile home parks

WSA 66.0435

Nonintoxicating and soda water beverages

WSA 66.0433


WSA 349.24

Transient merchants

WSA 66.0423


Animals at large

WSA 172.01

Animal health

WSA Ch. 95

Crimes against animals

WSA Ch. 951

Dog regulations

WSA Ch. 174

Health and Safety

Ambulance service

WSA 62.133


WSA 157.129

Fireworks regulation

WSA 167.10

Food regulations

WSA Ch. 97 and 66.0119

Industrial nuisance regulation

WSA 66.0415


WSA 84.31

Local health departments

WSA Ch. 251

Noxious weeds

WSA 66.0407

Nuisances generally

WSA 66.0415

Removal of rubbish

WSA 66.0405

Public Peace, Morals and Welfare

Crimes against government

WSA Ch. 946

Crimes against life and bodily security

WSA Ch. 940

Crimes against property

WSA Ch. 943

Crimes against public health and safety

WSA Ch. 941

Crimes against public peace and order

WSA Ch. 947

Crimes against reputation and civil liberties

WSA Ch. 942

Crimes against sexual morality

WSA Ch. 944


WSA Ch. 945

Local regulation of firearms

WSA 66.0409

Local regulation of tobacco possession by minors

WSA 134.66(5)


WSA 66.0107(1)(bm)

Municipal regulation generally

WSA 66.0107

Vehicles and Traffic

Abandoned vehicles

WSA 342.40

Local regulation

WSA 349.03 and 349.06 et seq.

Locked motor vehicles

WSA 66.0431

Motor vehicles generally

WSA Ch. 340

Rules of the road

WSA Ch. 346


WSA Ch. 350

Traffic accident record system

WSA 66.0141

Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places

City public works

WSA 62.15 and 62.16

Municipal public works and projects

WSA 66.0901 et seq.

Public Services

Housing and transportation

WSA 66.1001 et seq.

Public utilities

WSA 66.0801 et seq.


WSA 62.18

Buildings and Construction

Building codes

WSA 62.17

Dangerous buildings

WSA 66.0413 and 254.59

Fire hazards

WSA 101.14

Historic properties

WSA 66.1111

Inspection warrants

WSA 66.0119

Plumbing regulations

WSA 145.04


Local subdivision regulations

WSA 236.45


City planning

WSA 62.23