Chapter 2.100


2.100.010    Statutes adopted.

2.100.020    Periods of emergency.

2.100.030    Emergency powers.

2.100.040    Interim emergency powers.

2.100.050    Snow emergencies.

2.100.060    Notice.

2.100.010 Statutes adopted.

Wis. Stat. §§ 323.11 and 323.14(3)(a) and (4) are adopted by reference. (Ord. 2009-15 § 1. 2008 code § 1.20(1))

2.100.020 Periods of emergency.

Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the Town Board of the Town of East Troy shall declare an emergency existing within the Town of East Troy whenever conditions arise by reason of war, conflagration, flood, heavy snowstorm, blizzard, catastrophe, disaster, riot or civil commotion, acts of God, or conditions which impair transportation, food or fuel supplies, medical care, fire, health or police protection, or other vital facilities. The period of such emergencies shall be limited by such resolution declaring the emergencies to the time during which such emergency conditions exist or are likely to exist. (2008 code § 1.20(2))

2.100.030 Emergency powers.

An ordinance declaring an emergency shall designate whatever is necessary and expedient for the health, safety, welfare and good order of the Town of East Troy in such emergency and shall include, without limitation because of enumeration, the power to bar, restrict, or remove all unnecessary traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, from the local highways, notwithstanding any provision of state or local law governing traffic regulations to the contrary. Such resolution shall designate penalties for violation of the emergency resolution or proclamation not to exceed a $100.00 forfeiture or, in default of payment thereof, six months’ imprisonment for each separate offense. (2008 code § 1.20(3))

2.100.040 Interim emergency powers.

If, because of such emergency condition, the governing body is unable to meet with promptness, the Town Chairman shall exercise by proclamation; any and all powers conferred by state law or as previously set forth which, within the discretion of the Town Chairman, appear necessary and expedient for the purposes herein set forth. Such proclamation shall be subject to ratification, alteration, modification, or repeal by the Town Board as soon as that body can meet, but such subsequent action taken by the Town Board shall not affect the prior validity of said proclamation. (2008 code § 1.20(4))

2.100.050 Snow emergencies.

A snow emergency shall exist when so declared by Walworth County or as previously set forth herein by resolution or proclamation. All vehicular or pedestrian traffic shall be barred during the period of such emergency, excluding emergency vehicles or necessary emergency citizen traffic. Violation of this section shall result in a forfeiture of $100.00, or in default of payment thereof, six months’ imprisonment for each separate offense.

1.    Removal of Vehicles. During a declared snow emergency, all vehicles shall be removed from public roads so as not to interfere with snow removal operations or emergency vehicles. For the purposes of this chapter, a “vehicle” means any self-propelled land vehicle which can be used for towing or transporting people or materials, including but not limited to automobiles, trucks, buses, motorized campers, motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds, tractors, snowmobiles and trailers of all types in operable or inoperable condition. Any such vehicle found to be a hazard to or disruptive of snow removal or emergency operations shall be subject to immediate removal and fine as previously set forth herein.

2.    Placement of Snow onto Public Roads Prohibited. No person shall remove or deposit in any way snow or ice onto any public road or roadway. (2008 code § 1.20(5))

2.100.060 Notice.

The Town Board or Town Chairman shall notify the public that a snow emergency is in effect by posting notice to that effect on the Town Hall. Notice shall also be given to the East Troy Times and any other newspaper or radio station which, within the discretion of the Town Board, will most effectively be notice that snow emergency is in effect. Notice given by Walworth County shall constitute notice under this section. (2008 code § 1.20(6))