Chapter 2.40


2.40.010    Town committees.

2.40.010 Town committees.

The Town Board of the Town of East Troy may, by resolution, create any committee it deems necessary or it is authorized to create pursuant to the Wisconsin Statutes. As such, the Town Board has established, but is not limited in establishing, the committees hereinafter listed. Such committee members shall be appointed or reappointed annually by the Town Chairperson, whose committee appointments shall be approved by the Town Board. The Town Chairperson may also recommend that any appointment be rescinded at any time; provided, that the Town Board unanimously approves the rescission of any appointed member. Each committee has such duties and authority as may be specified by the Town Board or by the municipal code of the Town of East Troy.

1.    Park Committee.

2.    Library Representative(s), if not provided by the county.

3.    East Troy Emergency Services District Representative(s).

4.    East Troy Airport Committee Representative(s).

5.    Booth Lake Memorial Park Representative(s).

6.    Lake Beulah Lake Management District Representative(s).

7.    Potter’s Lake Representative(s).

8.    Smart Growth Representative(s).

9.    Recycling Committee.

10.    Cable Review Committee.

11.    Planning Commission. Unlike all other committee or representative appointments named above who shall be appointed or reappointed annually, Planning Commission appointments are for a term of three years. Planning Commission appointees may be reappointed after his or her first three-year term has been fulfilled.

12.    Emergency Disaster Coordination Representative. Unlike all other committee or representative appointments named above who, with the exception of the Planning Commission, are appointed annually, the Emergency Disaster Coordination Representative shall be appointed biannually. (Ord. 2011-4 § 1; Ord. 2009-11 § 1. 2008 code § 1.07)