Chapter 2.45


2.45.010    Cable Review Committee.

2.45.010 Cable Review Committee.

1.    The Cable Review Committee is created pursuant to the terms of the franchise agreement in existence. The Committee shall consist of at least one resident member of the Township and one elected Board officer. The members of the Committee shall be appointed annually by the Town Board Chairperson in accordance with this chapter.

2.    The Cable Review Committee shall perform all tasks necessary to insure that the terms of the Town of East Troy cable ordinance and the terms of the franchise agreement are carried out.

3.    The Cable Review Committee shall conduct public meetings in accordance with the state statutes.

4.    The Committee shall devise a system and procedure for handling and settling consumer complaints.

5.    The Committee shall examine the need to amend the Town of East Troy’s cable ordinance and to study the ways in which the government and the residents of the Town of East Troy may utilize the municipal access channel provided by the cable company.

6.    The Committee shall have the right to inspect the books and records of the cable company operator which it may be required to keep as a provision of the governing franchise agreement. Additionally, the Committee shall also have the right to make such inspections as it shall find necessary to insure compliance with the terms of the Town of East Troy’s cable ordinance and other pertinent provisions of law.

7.    The Committee shall review and advise the Town Board of any cable franchise application or renewal, and may advise the Town Board of both state and local issues related to cable television and legislation regarding the same.

8.    The Committee may develop sources of revenue, such as grants, fundraising activities, and the like, and perform all other functions consistent with the Town code and franchise agreement. (2008 code § 1.07(2))