Chapter 2.55


2.55.010    Board of Review.

2.55.010 Board of Review.

1.    The Town of East Troy adopts and incorporates Wis. Stat. § 70.47 in its entirety for Board of Review proceedings.

2.    Notwithstanding the above, the Town of East Troy by virtue of this chapter requires adherence to the following procedures before allowing alternative forms of testimony at Board of Review hearings as allowed under Wis. Stat. § 70.47(8):

a.    Procedure. In order for a property owner or a property owner’s representative to submit a request to testify by phone or submit a sworn written statement, he or she must first comply with the following procedures:

i.    The legal requirement to provide notice of intent to appear at the Board of Review must be satisfied;

ii.    An Objection Form for Real Property Assessment (PA-115A) must be completed and submitted to the Board of Review as required by law.

After the two requirements outlined above have been met, a Request to Testify by Telephone or Submit a Sworn Written Statement at Board of Review (Form PA-814) may be submitted to the Town Clerk. Such requests must be submitted in time to be considered by the Board at the first meeting of the Board of Review.

b.    Criteria to Be Considered. The Board may consider any or all of the following factors when deciding whether to grant or deny the request:

i.    The requester’s stated reason(s) for the request as indicated on the PA-814 form.

ii.    Fairness to the parties.

iii.    Ability of the requester to procure in person oral testimony and any due diligence exhibited by the requester in procuring such testimony.

iv.    Ability to cross-examine the person providing the testimony.

v.    The Board of Review’s technical capacity to honor the request.

vi.    Any other factors the Board deems pertinent to deciding the request. (Ord. 2015-2 § 1. 2008 code § 1.09)