Chapter 3.05


3.05.010    Claims to be certified.

3.05.020    Payment of regular wages or salaries.

3.05.030    Payments prior to Board approval.

3.05.010 Claims to be certified.

Prior to submission of any account, demand, or claim to the Town Board for approval of payment, the Clerk/Treasurer or Accounting Supervisor shall verify that the following conditions have been complied with:

1.    That funds are available therefor pursuant to the budget.

2.    That the item or service was duly authorized by the proper official or agency and has been received or rendered in accordance with the purchasing agreement.

3.    That the claim is accurate in amount and a proper charge against the treasury.

Thereafter, the Clerk/Treasurer or Accounting Supervisor shall submit to the Board a voucher report detailing all proposed disbursements for the Board’s approval. (2008 code § 2.02(1))

3.05.020 Payment of regular wages or salaries.

Regular wages or salaries of Town officers and employees shall be verified by the Clerk/Treasurer or Accounting Supervisor in time for payment of regular pay day. (2008 code § 2.02(2))

3.05.030 Payments prior to Board approval.

Payment of claims from the Town treasury may be made without prior Board approval where such payment is necessary to avoid added expense to the Town, including but not limited to interest, fines, or fees, or to take advantage of any cost savings or discounts given as a direct result of prepayment or timely payment, and are payments made in the regular course of business for the operation and administration of Town government. All payments made under the authority of this chapter may only be made upon written approval of the Clerk/Treasurer or Accounting Supervisor. Following such approval, a check, in the amount approved, shall be written and signed in accordance with Chapter 3.15 ETMC and pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 66.0607. Any payments made under this chapter shall be reported in the voucher report specifying the amount of the payment, the name of the payee, the date of payment, and shall be presented to the Board for review at the next Town Board meeting. (Ord. 2009-18 § 1. 2008 code § 2.02(3))