Chapter 3.45


3.45.010    Fees for services rendered by Town Departments – Purpose.

3.45.020    Determination of fees.

3.45.030    Limitations.

3.45.010 Fees for services rendered by Town Departments – Purpose.

It is the intent of this chapter to recover any and all expenses, actual and incidental, which are not ordinarily incurred by the Town, and which are incurred as a result of, and in association with, Town personnel or employees and/or equipment, including but not limited to the Police Department, Department of Public Works, Town officials or office staff rendering services to and at the request of, any governmental entity, organization, or individual, including, but not limited to, Sanitary District No. 2 and No. 3. (2008 code § 1.23(1))

3.45.020 Determination of fees.

The Town Board shall have the express authority to establish fees or costs by resolution to be charged in connection with any services provided by the Town in accordance with this chapter. Such fees or costs shall be based upon the Town’s normal costs in providing any such services including, but not limited to, fringe benefits provided Town employees or officials, all costs associated with the operation of Town equipment or buildings, and any depreciation on such equipment. (2008 code § 1.23(2))

3.45.030 Limitations.

Excepting statutory provisions which may preclude or limit the collection of fees or costs under this chapter, there shall be no limitation on the Town Board in establishing fees or costs to be charged that are in accordance with ETMC 3.45.020. (2008 code § 1.23(3))