Chapter 5.10


5.10.010    Intent.

5.10.020    Special event permit required.

5.10.010 Intent.

It is the purpose of the Town of East Troy, Walworth County, Wisconsin, to regulate the assemblage of large numbers of people in excess of those normally needing the health, sanitary, fire, police, transportation, and utility services regularly provided in the Town of East Troy, in order that the health, safety, and welfare of all persons in the Town of East Troy, residents and visitors alike, may be protected. (2008 code § 8.02(1))

5.10.020 Special event permit required.

1.    No person shall permit, maintain, promote, conduct, advertise, act as entrepreneur, undertake, organize, manage, or sell or give tickets to an actual or reasonably anticipated assembly of 150 or more people, whether on public or private property, unless a license to hold the assembly has first been issued by the Town Clerk of the Town of East Troy. Application for such assembly must be made at least seven days in advance on application forms available from the Town Clerk, and shall specify all information required. A special event permit to hold an assembly issued to one person shall permit any person to engage in any lawful activity in connection with the holding of the permitted assembly. A separate special event permit shall be required for each day and for each location in which 150 or more people assemble or can reasonably be anticipated to assemble. There shall be no fee for such special event permit.

2.    The special event permit shall not permit the sound of the assembly to carry unreasonably beyond the enclosed boundaries of the location of the assembly.

3.    This chapter shall not apply to:

a.    Any regularly established, permanent place of worship, stadium, athletic field, arena, auditorium, coliseum, or other similar permanently established place of assembly for assemblies which do not exceed by more than 250 people the maximum seating capacity of the structure where the assembly is held.

b.    Government sponsored fairs held on a regularly established fairgrounds nor to assemblies required to be licensed by other ordinances and regulations of the Town of East Troy.

c.    Any persons, firms or other groups conducting parades, or any other event or activity for which a permit is otherwise required by the Town of East Troy; including gatherings at Town Parks or the Town Hall, which shall be separately regulated by permit.

d.    Any government agency acting within the scope of its functions.

e.    Wedding receptions, except that notice of wedding receptions to be held on private property shall be given to the Town of East Troy Police Department at least seven days in advance of such reception.

f.    Commercial properties shall be exempt from the requirements of this chapter.

4.    It is the intent of this section to regulate the assembly of large numbers of people, watercraft and formal organized lake gatherings in, on, and/or adjacent to public waters in the Town of East Troy. The Town finds that the assemblage of large numbers of persons in watercraft creates special concerns pertaining to health, sanitation, police, medical assistance, transportation, and other services provided in the Town of East Troy in order that the health and safety involving all persons using public waters and/or residing or using property adjacent thereto may be protected and their and the general public welfare promoted. (2008 code § 8.02(2))