Chapter 5.55


5.55.010    Definitions.

5.55.020    Licensing provisions and fee.

5.55.030    Location.

5.55.040    Sanitation.

5.55.050    Hours.

5.55.010 Definitions.

A riding or livery stable is defined as a house, shed, building, barn or place where riding horses are kept to be let or hired to the public or where riding horses are boarded for a fee or other consideration. (2008 code § 8.14(1))

5.55.020 Licensing provisions and fee.

1.    Before anyone engages in the operation of a riding or livery stable as herein defined within the Town, he shall obtain a license from the Town Board.

2.    Such license shall terminate on December 31st of the year for which it is issued.

3.    The fee for the same shall be paid before the license is issued and shall be deposited with the Town Board with the application for license, which fee shall be $10.00. (2008 code § 8.14(2))

5.55.030 Location.

All livery and riding stables shall be located at least 200 feet distant from a dwelling house, tenement house or part thereof, any hotel, restaurant, boarding house, any building used for school purposes or any building wherein persons are employed, and shall be located at least 100 feet from any street, alley, sidewalk, or other traveled way. (2008 code § 8.14(3))

5.55.040 Sanitation.

1.    All livery and riding stables shall be kept free from objectionable odors at all times and shall be provided with easily cleaned floors of close grained wood or concrete in such condition that they can be kept clean and shall be whitewashed frequently. Adequate artificial and natural lighting shall be provided to facilitate cleaning of the stable and appurtenances.

2.    No livery or riding stable shall be located on a parcel of land smaller than six acres.

3.    All stables shall be provided with fly-tight bins or other tightly closed receptacles for manure of such dimensions as to contain all accumulations of manure which shall be removed sufficiently often and in such manner as to prevent its becoming a nuisance. No manure shall be allowed to accumulate on the floor or on adjacent grounds. No manure shall be dumped or left on any street, alley, sidewalk, open area or lot in any inhabited section, or be used to grade in whole or in part any sidewalk, street, open area or lot in said section, unless said manure is completely covered with at least four inches of dirt. (2008 code § 8.14(4))

5.55.050 Hours.

No riding horses shall be let for hire or used on the public streets of said Town between the hours of 8:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. (2008 code § 8.14(5))