Chapter 12.05


12.05.010    Establishment.

12.05.020    Alteration of grade prohibited.

12.05.010 Establishment.

In all new subdivisions recorded after the adoption herein, the grade of all streets, alleys, and sidewalks shall be established by resolution by the Town Board and the same recorded by the Clerk in his office. No such street, alley, or sidewalk shall be worked until the grade thereof is established. (2008 code § 7.03(1))

12.05.020 Alteration of grade prohibited.

No person shall alter the grade of any street, alley, sidewalk, or public ground or any part thereof in the Town unless authorized or instructed to do so by the Town Board. All such alterations of grade shall be recorded in the office of the Clerk by the Clerk. (2008 code § 7.03(2))