Chapter 12.20


12.20.010    Approval required.

12.20.020    Specifications for driveway construction.

12.20.030    Culverts.

12.20.010 Approval required.

No person shall construct or maintain any driveway leading into a public highway, street, alley, or walk without first obtaining a driveway permit from the Town Board and paying therefor the fee of $5.00 and complying with the specifications provided in ETMC 12.20.020. (2008 code § 7.06(1))

12.20.020 Specifications for driveway construction.

1.    Width. No driveway shall exceed 36 feet in width at the outer or street edge of the sidewalk unless a variance is obtained from the Board of Adjustment.

2.    Interference with Intersections Prohibited. At street intersections a driveway shall not provide direct ingress or egress to or from the street intersection area and shall not occupy areas of the roadway deemed necessary by the Town Board for effective traffic control or for highway signs or signals.

3.    Interference with Street. No driveway shall extend out into the street further than the face of the curb, and under no circumstances shall such driveway apron extend into the gutter area. All driveway entrances and approaches shall be so constructed that they shall not interfere with the drainage of streets, side ditches, or roadside areas or with any existing structure on the right-of-way. When required by the Town Board to provide for adequate surface water drainage along the street, the property owner shall provide any necessary culvert pipe at his own expense.

4.    Number of Approaches Limited. The applicant shall assume all responsibility for any injury or damage to persons or property resulting directly or indirectly during construction or repair of driveway approaches or entrances. When curb or gutter is removed, the new connections shall be of equivalent acceptable material and curb returns provided or restored in a neat, workmanlike manner. Driveway surfaces shall connect with the street pavement and sidewalk in a neat, workmanlike manner. (2008 code § 7.06(2))

12.20.030 Culverts.

No person shall construct or maintain a culvert without first obtaining and completing a culvert sizing permit application from the Town Clerk, paying a fee of $50.00 and complying with the specifications provided in ETMC 12.20.020. Any approved permit is subject to the condition that the work be constructed subject to all rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Town of East Troy. (2008 code § 7.06(3))