Chapter 12.30


12.30.010    Conformance to grade – Work let by contract.

12.30.020    Cost.

12.30.030    Surfacing.

12.30.010 Conformance to grade – Work let by contract.

All streets constructed in the Town shall conform to the established grade and line, if any, and all work connected herewith shall be let by contract by the Town Board to the lowest responsible bidder. (2008 code § 7.08(1))

12.30.020 Cost.

The repair of all paved accepted streets shall be arranged for by the Town, the cost to be borne by the Town. (2008 code § 7.08(2))

12.30.030 Surfacing.

All streets paved pursuant hereto subsequent to the effective date hereof shall be surfaced with a minimum two-inch mat of rolled hot mix asphalt. (2008 code § 7.08(3))