Chapter 12.55


12.55.010    Motor vehicle prohibitions.

12.55.020    Occupation before sunrise or after sunset prohibited.

12.55.030    Violation – Penalty.

12.55.010 Motor vehicle prohibitions.

All motorized vehicles of whatever type or nature shall be prohibited from entering, going upon or put in operation within the confines of the Town Park located in Section 10 of the Town of East Troy. Access and usage shall be limited to pedestrian traffic only. Motor vehicles shall be permitted only in those areas expressly labeled for parking that are adjacent to such park properties. (2008 code § 12.06(1))

12.55.020 Occupation before sunrise or after sunset prohibited.

The Town parks, excepting the Wilmer’s Grove Landing boat launch and parking lot, shall not be used or occupied before sunrise or after sunset. Any person found to be in any Town park after sunset and before sunrise shall be cited under this chapter. (2008 code § 12.06(2))

12.55.030 Violation – Penalty.

Violation of the foregoing sections shall be prosecuted as an ordinance violation under the penalty section of the municipal code for the Town of East Troy. (2008 code § 12.06(3))