Chapter 12.60


12.60.010    Intent.

12.60.020    Regulations.

12.60.030    Applications for reservations or applications for special uses for any park area.

12.60.040    Enforcement.

12.60.010 Intent.

It is the intent of this chapter to provide a procedure for applying for applications to reserve use of the Town park pavilion and to place regulations regarding the use of Town park property. (2008 code § 12.07(1))

12.60.020 Regulations.

The following regulations shall apply to all Town park property. Such regulations shall at all times be posted at the entrance to all Town parks and shall be deemed additional regulations in addition to those specifically set forth for specific Town properties.

1.    Usage of Town properties may be prohibited or restricted at any time by direction of the Town Board, subject to posting of the same.

2.    Any Town park property that is available for usage by individuals shall be subject to the following rules:

a.    Town parks shall only be open during daylight hours, but additional restrictions may be posted by direction from the Town Board. Any Town park or Town owned property shall be referred to as “park” hereinafter.

b.    Park users shall dispose of all litter and trash in the waste receptacles provided. Picnic areas shall be cleaned up before leaving the area.

c.    No weapons of any kind are permitted in the park. Hunting and trapping are prohibited in the park.

d.    Cooking shall be permitted only on the grills that are provided. Open fires are not permitted in the park.

e.    Any wildlife, plants or animals that may be encountered are to be protected and shall not be disturbed.

f.    Motorized vehicles are prohibited in the park.

g.    Bicycles are permitted only on designated pathways.

h.    Groups may obtain permits for special events at the shelter or other areas and will have preferential use for areas that they have reserved. Reservations are to be made in advance at the Town Hall.

i.    All garbage, refuse and property of any type or nature shall be removed immediately following usage of any park or area in such parks.

j.    Failure to comply with these regulations shall be punishable as provided by Town ordinances.

3.    No weapons of any kind are permitted in the park and no hunting or trapping is allowed in the park, or upon any lands owned by the Town of East Troy, except as follows:

a.    A “weapon,” as defined in a concealed carry permit as a handgun, an electric weapon as defined in Wis. Stat. § 941.295(1c)(a), a knife other than a switchblade knife under Wis. Stat. § 941.24 or a billy club, is permitted under this section pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 175.60(1)(j) as long as the possessor has a valid concealed carry permit and photographic identification on his or her person. Failure to carry or display a concealed carry permit and photo ID as required may subject the violator to a fine of not more than $25.00.

b.    A “handgun,” as mentioned above, does not include a machine gun, a short barreled rifle or a short barreled shotgun pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 175.60(1)(bm).

c.    No shooting of any weapon is allowed in the park unless it is done in self-defense or any other lawful use as permitted by law. (Ord. 2019-4 § 1; Ord. 2016-10 § 1. 2008 code § 12.07(2))

12.60.030 Applications for reservations or applications for special uses for any park area.

1.    Any group or organization within the Town may apply for a reservation to use areas on an exclusive or reserved basis by filing an application form approved by the Town Board. To the extent applicable, the application forms for reserving the Town Hall shall apply and all regulations under Chapter 12.80 ETMC are incorporated herein by reference. Fees and deposits shall apply under this section, except as hereinafter specifically provided.

2.    The Town Clerk may approve applications for use of the pavilion area in the Town Park located immediately adjacent and north of the Town Hall, subject to the limitations set forth in Chapter 12.80 ETMC. Any request for exclusive use extending beyond the pavilion area may be deferred by the Town Clerk to the Town Board or its authorized representative.

3.    Fees. The Clerk may exempt fees for governmental or civic associations as set forth in Chapter 12.80 ETMC. Fees for individuals, private groups or other organizations shall be $100.00 per day of usage, which fee shall accompany the application. The bond set forth under Chapter 12.80 ETMC shall also accompany the application. All applicants must comply with the provisions of all Town ordinances, including Chapter 12.80 ETMC, the special event ordinances (Chapters 5.10 and 12.65 ETMC) and any posted rule or regulation approved and posted by the Town Board.

4.    The recreational easement connected to the Town Park and generally located in the Beulah Lake Farms Subdivision and adjacent properties may be used subject to the rules posted for such usage and all ordinances and laws applicable thereto. (2008 code § 12.07(3))

12.60.040 Enforcement.

Failure to comply with these regulations shall be punishable as provided by any specific ordinance and fined a fine applicable thereto, and any violation of Chapters 5.10 and 12.80 ETMC and this chapter, or the application underlying the same, shall be as subject to fines, forfeitures, imposition of fees, cost recovery provisions and any county or state law, as specifically provided therefor or as provided for under the general fine and forfeiture provisions under the Town of East Troy Municipal Code. Individuals that may be cited shall include the applicant, including any organization or business constituting the applicant, the individuals signing as a representative and/or responsible party for the application and any individual(s) found to be in violation of any of the foregoing. The bond or cash posted as a part of the application may be held pending disposition of such charges and may be directly accessed in payment for any conviction and fine or forfeiture imposed thereby. This chapter shall be liberally construed to permit the Town to recover any costs associated with remedying any violation or collection of any fine or forfeiture imposed by law. (2008 code § 12.07(4))