Chapter 13.05


13.05.010    Construction and maintenance of private wells.

13.05.010 Construction and maintenance of private wells.

1.    No person shall construct any well for the purpose of securing drinking water within the limits of the Town without having obtained a written permit from the Building Inspector.

2.    All new wells shall be located and constructed, and all repairs on existing wells shall be made in accordance with the provisions of the Wisconsin State Well Construction Code.

3.    The owner of any well which is used as a source of drinking water that is found to be unsafe for drinking purposes by the Building Inspector because of the presence of harmful bacteria in the water, or because its construction is such that filth may readily enter the well, shall cause it to be repaired and rendered safe or to be filled within a time specified by the Building Inspector.

4.    The owner of any abandoned well shall cause it to be filled with clay, tamped earth or other solid filling material. (2008 code § 11.04)